How to choose a niche for your blog: all the good advice!


Blogs today are spreading worldwide, as formerly were spreading war in Europe! And you probably also want to get started in the Web adventure if you are currently reading this article. But before you start, there are two things to know: how to find a niche for your blog (in fact, you can find several!) And how to choose a niche for your blog? .

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How to choose a niche for your blog

You tell me that these two points meet? It’s true.

However, there still is a small difference: find a niche for your blog does not necessarily mean the choice. What for ? Because it is first necessary to study it and see if it is viable. Moreover, it is best that you choose a niche in which you can easily make more compared to other blogs devoted to this theme already present on the web!

Before we begin, let me contradict two boards that are found regularly on the web:

* a niche that is not yet used by bloggers (even if it is increasingly rare!), is a niche that nobody cares. It is therefore not interesting for you if you want to create a successful blog.

* a niche already challenged is not necessarily saturated! If you show interesting and innovate, you will break!

These two things are clarified, we can now go to the heart of the subject of this article:

Choose a niche for your blog: How do I search your niche

The ideal is to start a blog on a niche that interests you.

Otherwise, it is quite possible that within a few months, you stop. As a result, if you want to start a blog, I can only advise you to think a little before you study and for a few moments, just to define what topics you care about.

This, as said, that you publish on your blog regularly thereafter without seeing it as a chore! And so that you will succeed to take off your presence on the web!

Just because a blog should include:

* be updated regularly

* interested users (and how to get there if you yourself are not passionate about your subject?)

In addition, it is also important that your blog is sustainable over the long term. Is your chart shows a potential source of inexhaustible subjects of articles?

In Therefore, take a sheet and you really ask about your first point of passions. Then see what passions are viable for a blog on the long term.

At first, I advise you not dedicate yourself to a single blog. Then, when you master the arts of bloging you can try to find other niches to other blogs. Then, once you have chosen other niches for your other blogs, create!

And with the experience you have already behind you, these blogs will be optimized when they are created and you can monetize quickly and get even more additional income.

Choose a niche for your blog: Ideal Niche

For ideas you should know that the Internet is full of scoops. So you are interested in different blogs! If you found your idea, do not hesitate to go to the search engines to see blogs that exist on this subject, and how much competition is developed.

Already, this will allow you to find story ideas, particularly looking at the most popular articles on these blogs, but also by reading their comments and analyzing questions from readers. What questions would make good articles for your blog, etc?

Then by studying the competition, you find Web Marketing strategies that work well and that you can play on your site.

You chose a niche for your blog? It’s good. You just made a big step.

But we have to face facts, it is not over yet!

You certainly have just made a very big step forward for the design of your blog, but it must still you study in depth this niche, that you do market research, and then if it seems really interesting and offers significant development potential, then set a Business Plan for Your Blog.

We will see how to make a business plan in detail in a future article, do not worry you;)

Meanwhile, back to our topic of the day. To find a niche for your blog, which is very interesting, there are a multitude of tools on the internet! Besides, this brings us to the next part of this article:

Choose a niche for your blog: The best tools

The blogosphere is far from saturated in VietNam. Only some subjects are more exploited than others, such as high tech, seduction and personal development. Especially on the latter topic, some well established bloggers pass the buck!

When a product comes out of them, the others are rushing to distribute it to their audience. And it garners a snowball effect. It is complicated, but not impossible, to make a place in the thematic one!

Besides, for example, MarketingTips4u is a young blog, in an ultra-challenged theme, but really want to go to your place! Then come back within a year, and you will see for yourself that everything is possible on the web!

Anyway, back on topic.

The first interesting tool that I propose is simply: Adwords (yes, him again!). It is, at base, not for this, but you can use it to study the popularity of a word or phrase. It also has the advantage of locating your search. And especially you can see the number of searches on your keywords monthly.

But you can also use another Google tool to assess the popularity of certain search: Google Trends research, as said at

If the number of research around 3000, it means that positioning yourself well, you can recover part of Internet users who conduct this research. But we must combine the results of Google Adwords itself. Type your keyword in quotation marks in the google search and see how many results you get.

Refine your location well. If there are too many results (about 50,000 or more) is that your keyword is overfished. You’ll struggle to make a place for it!

So my advice is to first know your blog through expressions rivaled little before starting to wage war and conquer places in Google on ultra-competed keywords.

Choose a niche for your blog: Finish with a flourish

Once you have found your niche, you know you can write articles regularly to feed your blog, you have solutions of videos, books, websites to produce, etc., then it’ll just act !

And above all, remember to define an action plan to monetize As your blog and make it sorts you earn more extra income!

However, if the purpose of your blog is just fun, then you can pay your accommodation with just a little advertising and few affiliate links. But if you want to take a real additional income from your blog, then it will take you to develop more advanced monetization plans, and you put up Web Marketing Strategies for optimizing the maximum.

Creating your own product is a great way to really make money with your blog, for example. But I will not develop here, we will return to in a future article.

Come now: How did you find the niche of your blog? What steps did you have to choose? Or have you already created a blog before you realize that your topic was not viable?

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