How to Choose the Right Hammock


When thinking about camping hammocks there are lots of different options out there for you to consider. All of the camping hammocks today are made with high-quality nylon fabrics that can endure anything that nature can throw at them. As for styles and personal preference, this is where it will depend on your interests.

1. Choosing the right hammock isn't as easy as it may seem. The first step is to make sure that you get a well-constructed, strong hammock from a company that will stand behind its products.

2. Next, you need to determine who will use the hammock. You have to decide if you need a hammock for yourself, yourself or another person, or yourself and your whole family. Maybe you just want a hammock chair that won't take up as much space but will still allow you, or anyone else, to relax with a good book.

3. The next thing you have to consider is what kind of hammock you want. Your choices are basically between a hammock that is made from rope that is comfortable, airy, and cool and a hammock that is made from fabric that feels more like a bed. Perhaps you would rather have a hammock chair that you can sit in and relax.

4. Then you will have to determine if the hammock will be used inside during the winter months and outside in the summertime. You also have to decide if it will be hung in a location that is exposed to the elements or will be used in an enclosed area. Remember that a hammock that is left out in the elements will fade less and last longer if it is made from a material that is weather resistant.

As for color, you must determine if you want a brightly colored hammock or one that will blend into the surroundings.

5. Another consideration is when you will be using the hammock. You may want a hammock that can travel easily by being lightweight. This can be accomplished by purchasing a rope hammock or a camping hammock that work well if you decide to travel. Some travel hammocks even have their own pouches. However, if you decide that you need a hammock that is stationary for use around your patio, then you may want a hammock that comes with a hammock stand or spreader bar.

6. You should also consider its size, its weight capacity, and any style considerations you might have. The bottom line is that with all the options for comfortable hammocks and hammock chairs, there's a perfect choice for just about anyone who would love to relax in the shade - or the sun - island style.

7. Weaving method plays a large role in the comfort of your hammock. Mayan hammocks, for example, are made with a much looser weave than Brazilian hammocks. Woven from thin fiber, they are much more breathable than their southern cousins. But for cooler climates that may not be desirable. The tighter weave used in Brazilian hammocks, constructed from bolts of cloth, makes them retain your body heat better.

Material choice is equally important. Among other things, the material affects the amount of stretch. A rope hammock or Mayan hammock will typically stretch more, especially after you first buy it. If you use a stand, it will need to be high off the ground to avoid touching. Hanging from a tree requires that you add a few inches in height to compensate from where you want the lowest point to end.

Nylon will generally wear longer and often be more moisture proof. Cotton blends have come a long way; but unless they are specially treated, they can be subject to mildew. Polyester will weather extremely well, but it usually doesn't produce the most comfortable possible hammock. Still, for occasional use, they provide a modest-cost alternative. On the other end of the price scale, Olefin is used in some more expensive models. It wears well, cleans easily and can be woven into a very comfortable product.

Last but not least you need to determine why you want a hammock in the first place. That could have just as easily been your first question. It should be obvious that you want a hammock because you want to get away from all the stresses of the day and unwind and relax. However, if you answer this question, it will help you answer the others.

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