How To Get Into The Storage Unit Auction Scene

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Storage Unit

Most towns and cities have companies nearby offering this service at very reasonable prices. It's the ideal way to get the space back into your garage and to keep everyone on side. The unit will be handy enough for everyone to get their belongings when they're needed. And the whole place will be secure and monitored when you're not around so that your precious items are kept safe and sound.

After watching shows like these it makes it tempting to many to do what they do and find the things that they can find. Until these shows have aired, these types of auctions have really gone under the radar by many.

They are a great way to make a buck and enjoy yourself while doing so. If interested in becoming an auction hunter like the pro's on TV, here are a few simple tips to find the auctions near you.

Finding Storage Unit Auctions Near You

A good way to start searching for an auction near you is to check local newspapers or circulars. Check in all of your local area newspapers for a list of auctions or upcoming events.

There they usually have ads placed so they can attract a number of people to bid at the upcoming auction.

Also, another good publication to check within is the newsletter that is printed up with your city news. In many locations, cities will have a monthly newsletter that is printed and mailed and in there can be lists of auctions and sales.

Once you find the publication of choice that you find the most useful information, see how often they update their auction listings, and subscribe either in print or online. That way you can be updated each time a new event will be held.

Make a list of your local area's storage units. Call them up, check their websites or even stop in and introduce yourself. Find out if they have auctions, ask them how often and show interest. They will assist you with what you are looking for. If you are new to this type of thing, ask questions and find out information.

When holding a storage unit auction, they want to attract as many people from the public as possible. This insures that they are getting the most possible out of an unpaid unit.

They want to offload the unit and get another renter within. So when interested in storage auctions, get familiar with the policies. Each auction may have different rules they adhere to. Inform yourself with the procedure.

Ask businesses questions. Arm yourself not just with cash, but with information in regards to how the auctions work and how to conduct yourself. Ask each storage unit business how often they hold the auctions, what time, what happens in the event of a cancellation, anything.

There are no stupid questions when it comes to this. The more you know, the better prepared you will be.

Also, look into websites that are designed for this type of job. There are websites out there that provide you with the tools to find the auction near you.

Some of these are free, and provide you with upcoming information such as, where others may require a monthly fee. These are also good listings to look into.

Another thing you can do, for your first time, is to go and observe. See how others handle themselves and the auction itself. You will quickly see who is new and who is a seasoned veteran. Take notes and learn. Then use the tools you have learned to get in there and bidding.

Self storage units are a lot drier than most garages too. Your gear will be in exactly the right condition when you need it and it will be exactly where you left it, because you're the only one with the key. So if your car is starting to look a bit dejected and the garage is getting harder to close, consider taking advantage of a self storage unit near me. You will wonder why you didn't do it years earlier!

Get familiar with how the auction scene works, familiarize yourself with how it is run. Also, get to know other bidders. You may start seeing them at other auctions near you. Once you get to know them they may also be able to hook you up with other auctions and insider tips.

It can really be a fun hobby to get into. Whether for a little entertainment or to add an extra income. You will surely enjoy all that you will see, find and buy!

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