How To Make Safe Storage Space-The Best Tips To Make Safe Storage Space

7th Mar 2017

If a top quality fire proof home safe appears too expensive for you then another option you have is to make safe your most valuable possessions by creating your own home safe.

Obviously most of us only have the skills and tools to make a fairly basic type of home safe, and if you need something which offers a full range of protection against risks such as water and fire damage then paying out for something like a fireproof safe review is your only real option. However, if you simply need something to deter or fool casual burglars then making your own home safe can be a smart move.

One of the techniques which is pretty commonly used results in a cheap and practical can safe, which is covered in the linked article. This works to a certain degree by disguising your hiding place, although it offer no protection to your valuable once it is found.

If you are looking for something a bit more difficult to open then here is one way of doing it. This can be used as a small gun safe, although it obviously isn’t going to offer as much protection as a professionally made one.

Three Steps to Follow

1. In order to make safe storage space which suits your purposes the first step is find a metal box which is big enough for everything which you want to keep safe. It obviously needs to be as sturdy as possible, and the likes of tool boxes and tackle boxes are usually good choices.

2. You will then want to get a good lock attached to it. Getting a professional welder to do this is the best way to get a really good job done.

3. Finally, to make it as secure as possible the smart thing to do it do drill some holes in the base and the back. You can then use heavy duty screws or bolts to secure it to the floor and wall.

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