I Went On A 10-Day Bike Trip To Spiti Valley And This Is What I Learnt!

17th Jun 2017

Key Monastery

Photo of I Went On A 10-Day Bike Trip To Spiti Valley And This Is What I Learnt! by Manish Kapoor

The best part about being human is that you learn a thing or two virtually from every living and non-living thing on this planet. And it is often said that traveling gives you the best experiences and lessons of your life.

It was perhaps true in my case as well as I packed my bags to set out for the most awaited trip of my life. We originally planned for Leh & Ladakh but now I feel that choosing Spiti Valley was the best decision I ever made.

Here are the travel lessons from my 10-day expedition to the most beautiful and most rugged terrain in the world – Spiti Valley.

1. It makes you more open-minded

You get to see so many cultures, ethnic races, traditions that you become more open to new experiences, cultures and new perspectives on life.

2. Be happy with what you have

You travel to the cold deserts. You experience beautiful landscapes, rugged terrains, mesmerizing passes. You talk & write about your experiences. But have you ever thought about the people who stay in the valley in winters?

One of the Cafe owners we were talking to at Dhankar Village said, “during winters, most of us stay inside our homes for months.” They stock their groceries and other supplies in advance for a period of 4 to 6 months. The minimum temperature goes down to -15 degrees celsius, and further decreases as the winter progresses. Can you imagine that? Not stepping out of your homes for a couple of months in a row.

What might appear as a beautiful valley of mountains could become so threatening for people staying there during winters.

3. It puts you out of your comfort zone

Right from waking up early in the morning, riding through the rugged & risky terrains of the valley, to meeting new people & experimenting new food & wine, moving from one location to the other every day – all these things made me step out of my comfort zone. And as Ginny Rometty rightly said, “Growth & Comfort do not coexist.”

4. There’s life beyond phones & internet connections

There was a time when we lived without phones. It’s time you travel back in that time as soon as you enter Spiti Valley. We didn’t have phone network for almost 5 days and that’s when I realized that life is at all possible without checking Facebook every couple of hours. In fact, real connections happen when you look beyond your phones.

Having no network was the best thing that happened to us during our Spiti adventure. This allowed us to keep away all the distractions of life and focus on the real purpose of our travel – Experiencing the MIGHTY HIMALAYAS.

5. Travel more

You got to travel more to experience more. After all, life is all about experiences.

6. Lastly, Everyone is a photographer ;)

I saw a number of people carrying the swankiest of the cameras and lenses on the trip. Next moment, I witnessed all those people busy into their super long camera lenses to capture the perfect shot. I went closer to a young man standing outside of Key Monastery and asked – What are you doing? He excitedly said, “Remember my friend, this is going to be the best picture of Spiti Valley.” The next moment I pulled out my iPhone 5s and clicked a photo from the very same angle, showed it to the young man and said, “Can you point out the difference in both these photos? And he couldn’t!

When the view is so flawless, even an amateur like myself becomes a pro! :)

Do you have some exciting travel lessons & experiences to share? Leave in comments below.

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