The power of bouncing-back people

30th Nov 2016
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A few weeks ago I was listening to an inspiring man’s speech about bouncing-back people. Bouncing back people are those people which features are similar to an palm tree whenever there is a storm coming upon them.

How a palm tree reacts? Well, they let themselves pushed down by the storm, without fighting back. You can see the huge disaster a storm brings, destroying solid houses and ripping off bridges and old trees, but a palm tree is still there when the storm has passed.

That’s why a person who knows to accept a storm in his life survives it and keeps on developing. That’s a bouncing back person. There are rough times when you want to give up, and now I don’t mean taking your life away, but just giving up to your dreams and who you are or at least who you think about yourself that you are. Maybe your plans don’t seem to work out, or maybe it takes longer than you had in mind or maybe something or someone changed your plans 180*. But those chalanges come with a reason, and me personally I’m the type that doesn’t believe in coincidences or facts that happen chaotic, without a reason. If you don’t believe it, make a map of your life since the times you remember yourself thinking or at least having an idea about what you wish and who are you. Than draw that map and include all major events which occurred during your growth and you will see that everything had a path that didn’t seem to have any logic at that given time. You didn’t find a reason why your boss decided it’s the time to get rid of you, but check the other areas of your life and you’ll see that somewhere something developed 10x better. Maybe in the same time your lover decided to marry you(that’s not a bad thing even if you don’t have a job ???? ) or maybe your artistic side had enough time to start creating productively. Or vice versa, your lover decided suddenly to break up with you, but the good thing about it was that you could now focus on your professional life. Check on that road map and you’ll see that eventually, after going through rough times you only developed, even after different storms of different grades entered your life and tried to make a mess out of it.

But then of course, you can see around you people which are hit by the storm and they never recovered, they went down the road. But that’s something different, somewhere on the way they decided the things their own way, without letting the things happen, avoiding the bouncing back effect.

Another proven thing is the effect the bounce have on palm trees. After every storm, they become tougher and stronger. Sounds cliche isn’t it? But that’s why is even better, because is true. Watch the football players, after every hit they get their bones become tougher, I even think sometimes they have stones instead of bones.

We’re part of the nature, so things are similar and we behave alike.

I’m sure everyone has at least one example of a person who went through hard times but they became tougher and an improved version of their old ones. And that’s why I feel a deep respect for them as they inspire me to grow and go through these storms with a open mind, facing it, accepting it, bending down under their power just to come back stronger after it and ready to enjoy the calmness after the storm.

I encourage you to do the same.

This blog was originally published on 'Imigranoid'

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