Borgarnes and Kirkjufell, Iceland


Driving through the paradise that is Iceland...

Day 1

In this video, we cover the 4th and last part of our travel. Having completed our round trip through the east-central part of the country, this time we headed north along the western coastal region. The sun was high in the sky with intermittent floating clouds - a perfect day weather wise. The drive was much more scenic. We took a short stop at Borgarnes for a quick breakfast/lunch before entering the mountainous roads.

We stopped at a few place... at a couple of lakes and a waterfall, to enjoy the wilderness. At last, in the evening, we reached our goal - the Kirkjufell mountain. The mountain with its pointy peak, stood out in the middle of the sea completely detached from the surrounding mountain ranges. The nearby waterfall - the Kirkjufellfoss added to the awesomeness of the complete vista. As we stood by the mountain close to the midnight, awed by the colors of nature, we could see the horizon far and the journey of the sun, as it dipped below the horizon for a few minutes to rise again and begin its new journey for the next day. This was a perfect ending to our road trip as we started our drive back to Reykjavik.