Iceland Tourism and Travel Guide

Blessed with beautiful landscapes, Iceland is a country which stay with you long after you've left. Offering majestic mountains to numerous adventure activities, this scenic country will mesmerise you with its serene aura. Iceland tourism has seen a rise after 2008 as more number of people are attracted toward the pristine beauty which the country has to offer. Iceland has been considered one of the most friendliest countries to visit in the world, when it boils down to to welcoming tourists. Planning an Iceland holiday with your loved ones can be something to cherish for a lifetime. River rafting, snorkelling, glacier hiking and snowmobiling are some of the thrilling adventure activities that will make your trip a memorable one. Husavik whale watching is another activity which is common in Skjalfandi Bay, where various species of whales can be spotted from a close distance. Vatnajokull Glacier another such place you just can't miss when in Iceland – its mind-boggling ice caves will surely leave you amazed. There are many travel agencies which carry out the Iceland tour packages at affordable prices which will help you to explore this breathtaking country.
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Best Time to Visit Iceland

Peak season: June to August is the peak season to travel to Iceland, and hence, it's advisable that the bookings are done in advance. A lot of outdoor activities take place during this season, including the festivals.

Shoulder season: May to September is the time when there is occasional snowfall. Prices are low compared to the peak season. Fewer visitors travel during this period of the year.

Off-season: If you are interested in Northern Lights, October to April is the ideal time to visit Iceland. Skiing and other outdoor activities take place during these months. The winters are very harsh in this part of the world as the temperature can drop down to -25 degrees celcius.

Budget for Iceland

For Budget Travellers: INR 3000 - 4000 a day
  • Accommodation in hostels and lodges: INR 1200-1800
  • Food in local cafes and street eateries: INR 200-500
  • Public Transport INR 100-150
  • Sightseeing: INR 200-300

For Mid-range Travellers: INR 4000 to INR 8000 a day

  • Accommodation in mid-range hotels and homestays: INR 2000-3500
  • Food in mid-range cafes and restaurants: INR 700-1000
  • Local transport local taxis: INR 100-600
  • Sightseeing & Tours: INR 100-1000

For Luxury Travellers: INR 8000 and upwards

  • Accommodation in 4* or 5* hotels: INR 4000 and upwards
  • Food in upscale restaurants and bars: INR 1000 and upwards
  • Local transport in cabs: INR 400 and upwards
  • Sightseeing and Activities: INR 1000 and upwards

Visa Information for Iceland

Iceland comes under the Schengen visa agreement which is part of 26 members of the European countries. The Schengen visa allows you to also enter other EU countries also. Nationals of Schengen countries do not require a visa for a stay of three months. Iceland visa requirements and visa application process can be completed online with minimum efforts. Nationals of Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the USA do not require a visa for a stay of three months. Nationals of India have to apply for a Schengen visa to enter Iceland. Please click on the link for further details on the Iceland visa.