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Under the social development programs in India, there is one unique initiative by the government of India which makes it compulsory for corporate entities (falling under certain criteria) to perform the CSR activity. The detailed rule is provided in Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013.

The basic stakeholders in such activities are the companies, some NGOs, and the beneficiaries. Apart from them, there is one very important entity which plays a critical role in making these activities a success. These are CSR consultancies. They keep an eye on the whole functionality for any fraud or wrongdoings. Also, they provide their support in linking the companies to the NGOs.

Innovative Financial Advisors Private Limited, also known as Fiinovation, is India’s leading consultancy company which works in different aspects of social development sector with the main focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability. Currently they are working in the following areas for the upliftment of the society:

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Education and


Fiinovation has the following core practice areas:

Designing the corporate social responsibility policy

Management of the company-NGO partnership

Initiating and managing the CSR process for the companies

Designing the policies for SMEs

Need-based monitoring & Evaluation

Impact Assessment

They are going ahead with their commitment to make partnerships with complete transparency and focus on the big problems of the underprivileged society of our country with a motivation to create a long-lasting impact.

Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. reviews the trustworthiness of their associated social welfare organization for utilizing their social funds in an honest way. They monitor all the activities of these organizations through their highly effective vigilance system and provide their reports to the concerned institution which can then take decisions of continuing or discontinuing the association with that NGO.

The impact assessment reports prepared on the basis of Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. reviews help in correcting the future course of action for both, company as well as social organization. On the basis of these assessments, we can understand if the efforts are being put in the right direction or not. These assessments are conducted by highly competent personnel who have proven track record of being unbiased and honest while reviewing the companies and NGOs as per the rules and regulations. 

Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. reviews the NGOs on pre-defined parameters which cover all the important aspects like:

internal activities related to the organization

external businesses with their associations

relationship with government bodies

any conflict of interest

negative media coverage which includes social media too

political affiliations, etc.

Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. reviews the corporate entity too for the following aspects

their genuineness in the cause

negative news coverage in the media

information about any suspicious transaction

information about any financial return from the NGO, etc.

These parameters when utilized in an effective way, help in making the CSR practice more fruitful and genuine. Our company has created a mark in terms of professionalism, commitment, and deliverables. We love to accept new challenges this sector brings to us and thrive hard to deliver the best results. We are the leaders in this area because of our excellent quality of work. We are being appreciated by various companies, government bodies, and regulating authorities. We look forward to getting more opportunities to prove ourselves in this social development sector.

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The Fiinovation frauds, compliance, and complaints cell helped my company come up with ethical ways to ensure that both our corporate social responsibility strategy and implementation was done without any glitches and errors, and were also well accepted by the public.
Wed 01 17 18, 04:33 · Reply · Report
In India, NGOs are suffering because of the cash crunch. There are so many extra costs related to overheads and capacities building, which are not included in the project costs. NGOs need funds without which their existence will be doubtful because they also need to pay for their rents and other expenses. CSR consultancies like Fiinovation is taking measures to support such NGOs.
Fri 01 05 18, 01:52 · Reply · Report
Today a lot is being done by government, NGOs, and other institutions in various areas like education, employment, malnutrition, healthcare, etc. But, one of the most important area which is being neglected since a long time is Environment. Human race has exploited the environment to that extent that it is now way beyond taking care of itself by replenishing its resources. From air to water and soil to noise, there is pollution everywhere. Non-renewable fuel resources are getting depleted. Areas which were clean earlier, are now full of garbage, dirty water, and polluted air. Though, our government has started the 'Swacch Bharat' mission, still a lot is needed to be done. Fiinovation, a CSR consultancy based in New Delhi is working towards getting the corporate connected to NGOs for the implementation of their CSR activities. I read in the news a few days back that they are focusing on those NGOs which are working in environment protection and utilizing the CSR funds in such related pr
Wed 01 03 18, 23:55 · Reply · Report
India is an agriculture focused country with a large number of population involved in farming. Due to lack of knowledge, these farmers still follow the traditional ways of agriculture which are often ineffective. Because of that, they don't get the actual return on their investment. They are struggling under the loans taken by them. Why can't the large corporates come forward and take this responsibility to introduce these farmers about the modern techniques of agriculture? They can use their CSR funds for facilitating these farmers with the free training, education, and information updates. Such initiatives can bring a very big difference in the lives of these farmers. Fiinovation which is a consultancy in New Delhi, is putting a lot of efforts in connecting with corporate and engaging them in such livelihood creation programs through various NGOs. I have been associated with them since a long time and found that their efforts are bringing a positive change in the society.
Wed 01 03 18, 06:18 · Reply · Report
One of the most important areas in which there is an urgent need of participation by corporate under their CSR activities is Livelihood. India is a country with second largest population in the world. Even after having such a huge manpower, India badly lacks in providing its population livelihood opportunities. The main reason behind that is absence/non-implementation of skill development programs. Government is having many programs like MNREGA, NRLM, NSDC, etc. but it is unable to implement them properly because of the various reason. If there can be a participation by common people, private and public companies, etc. then there can be a big change. Fiinovation which is a CSR consultancy, works in tandem with such companies and NGOs to facilitate various livelihood programs which enable people to learn new skills and get employed.
Thu 12 28 17, 02:27 · Reply · Report
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