Interesting Facts About Bali Every Tourist Should Know


Whether you are planning a Bali honeymoon package or a family holiday in Bali, you will certainly be mesmerised and enchanted by the mysteries that Bali has in store for you. One of the most popular tourist destinations of Indonesia, Bali is known for its turquoise blue waters and glittering sands. But as a tourist there is a lot more that awaits a traveler visiting Bali for the first time. Here are some interesting facts about Bali, that will leave you intrigued wanting to learn more about this beautiful destination for yourself.

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1.Volcano Agung: An active volcano once upon a time, this mountain today is considered sacred under the Balinese culture. The mountain is said to have erupted last in the year 1963-64 and is still considered active as it periodically emits smoke and a few ashes. What is interesting is the fact that the Balinese try to sleep with their heads towards the mountain as a mark of respect to this sacred mountain.

2.Biking is the best way to explore this city: If you are a solo traveler or on a Bali honeymoon package, you have to explore this option of commuting in the city, which is the most fun way to travel around Bali. If you are comfortable driving a bike, don't leave this opportunity as you can even take a ride to explore the countryside charms of Bali.

3.Krupuk, the addictive snack of Bali: While in Bali you are likely to see a lot of krupuk being sold around the streets, which is nothing but deep fried rice sugar that is one of the most famous street snacks of Bali. These crisps are highly inexpensive and can keep you going until you stop by for your next meal.

4.Don’t miss the local and cultural offerings of Bali: If you want to explore Bali like any other tourist then just stick to the beaches and the resorts, however if you intend to see this destination and experience its local flavour then you must visit the local markets, the countryside and the temples of Bali.

5.Festivities, and the rituals of Bali: If you are around in Bali for any festivities, you are likely to see the city soaked in devotion. Right from celebrating important occasions related to the brith of the gods to celebrating the full moon, the Balinese do it all with utmost sincerity and it is certainly a sight every tourist must see.

6.Watch your step: If you are around the Balinese temples, watch every step of yours. Balinese offer rice as spiritual offerings on banana leafs and this is considered a very sacred ritual. Watch your step as you walk around the temples as stepping on these offerings is considered offensive and could land you into trouble.

7.Interesting houses: Balinese architecture and the way the local houses are built is very interesting. If you are on a Bali holiday package, you may want to explore a day of homestay option to get up close with the Balinese way of life. The houses are built along a courtyard with multiple houses indicating a household. One house may consist of about 35 families living together.

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