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I finished my morning tea. I was about to write down all the things which I wish to complete today. You know that typical TO-DO-List. Ya, I wanted to make that.

But before that I decided to switched my Phone (yes, sometimes I switch it off and its normal. Chill) which automatically got connected to the high speed wifi.

When I checked my phone after a couple of seconds, God, it was full of alerts. Instagram post alerts, new Youtube video alerts, more than 100 whats app messages, facebook, twitter notifications, sms, bank alerts hmmmm.

And you know what, without fail, I spent my precious morning one hour on Internet, learning who is eating what, where with whom on instagram, that youtube thumbnail was so tempting that I had to clicked it but eventually ( after spending 10 minutes) I realized it was nowhere related to the actual video ???? , My emails notified me that I won 3 fucking lotteries and the amount was so much that i think I can officially declare myself the richest Indian.

And I dont understand, why these bank people send multiple remaining bank balance sms everyday. When its month-end, it hurts to see those numbers.

Anyways, I believe, nowadays checking online world is the first thing most of us do every morning. Its kindda became a morning ritual. I know its tempting, it difficult but try.

Try not to react to these alerts. Its alright not to immediately open the insta alert to see who is doing what, its ok not to check that youtube video, its gona be there, you can check it later.

Can you spend just one day without internet? Not letting others know what you are doing or not trying to learn what everyone else is doing? Just try it once.

I know it not easy but not impossible also. You will miss insta stories, youtube videos, facebook, twitter all that vitual friends and their world, but at the end you will get time to listen to your own voice, you will get time for your REAL friends and family.

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