Jaisalmer Ranau Tanot BP609 Longewala

12th Aug 2017

At Ranau

Photo of Jaisalmer Ranau Tanot BP609 Longewala by TheFreeBird

On the 15 th August 2017 weekend, i decided to do the most patriotic trip possible by visiting the India-Pak border near Jaisalmer. The Freedom Trip.

You can read about my trip details here:

Jaisalmer | Ranau | Tanot | BP609 | Longewala

I have taken a lot of efforts to make the trip videos. The First video for RANAU where in my bike broke down in the middle of nowhere.

Next day i took the car to BP609. The permissions required for the border pillar are here 

After BP609 i visited the Tanot Mata Mandir.

Finally as the last leg of the Freedom Trip i visited Longewala which is by far the most scenic desert in Jaisalmer.

This was a totally offbeat trip you can have when you are in Jaisalmer. I am always in search of such offbeat adventures.  You can follow my adventures on Facebook.


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