Kayaking in the Glowing Waters on Andaman, Experience the Bioluminescence


The first tourist place coming to our mind to spend beach holidays is the Andaman and Nicobar islands. People find it lucky to touch their feet in the white sandy shores. Even the crystal clear waters play host for trying scuba diving and snorkeling. Andaman is the perfect place to spend a unique beach holiday. The vibrant coral reefs and the underwater marine world have fascinated tourists from different parts of the world. There are several unknown facts in the islands that are really interesting. How many of you know that the picture given in the Indian 20 rupee note is a top view from the famous Mount Harriet of Andaman? To study about the exotic aquatic animals and coral reefs here, students from various places to visit in Andaman Islands. In Chennai, there are universities offering courses on fisheries and students can plan a case study visit to the Andaman and undergo coral reef safaris or glass-bottomed boat tours. The travel is really simple as when you pick Exclusive Andaman Tour Packages From Chennai , the bookings for direct flights from Chennai will be done by the tour operator. Other than the marine fishes, there is something really riveting to watch and explore for the students. It seems like nowhere in India, such phenomenon can be watched. The reference is about the bioluminescence in the waters of Andaman. In no moonlight, the waters will glitter in various colors. The real magic of nature at night and never return Andaman without exploring this interesting characteristic of nature.

People think that there is magic in the ocean and visit the sea during the night to get a glimpse. Never think that this phenomenon can be watched only in Andamans. There are several places in the world where the colored sea can be seen at night. This is not magic and any sea, ocean or water currents having the presence of phytoplanktons, a small organism can produce this phenomenon. Take a night dive in the water of Havelock Island and watch some tiny little star creatures forming a constellation in the water. These bioluminescent planktons will give the effect of starry sky to the ocean. Flash your light to them and see how they respond back. This plankton like creatures can produce light of their own on land or in water by a chemical reaction taking place inside their bodies. This phenomenon is called as bioluminescence. This is actually the result of certain types of chemicals mixed together allowing energy to excite other particles and produce light. This light comes out as glow. Inside their bodies, certain oxidation reactions involving chemicals like luciferins are the reason for the glow. Night sea is the arena for this magic, and scuba diving experts can take an adventurous night dive.

For tourists coming to the islands, there is provision for a night kayaking in the Havelock islands with a guide by the side. The kayaking will progress through the mangrove creeks and there is no other interesting activity than this to enjoy during Andaman honeymoon days. Couples will enjoy candlelight dinner but at the same time why can try the skylight kayak at night? This is an adventure in the islands but not risky or scary. There is a well-trained passionate and enthusiastic trainer for kayaking in bioluminescent waters, named Tanaz. This will be a unique experience for the couples having their Romantic Andaman Honeymoon Packages and can increase the enthusiasm in you. Reach the location in Havelock island by late evening and meet Tanaz who will give classes on pedaling and kayaking. This trained lady has expertise in understanding the constellations. On the course of your ride through colored water, looking up the sky, the constellations are present and about which the trainer will give an idea. Such a romantic ride will be in dreams otherwise. Andaman still continues to fascinates tourists from different domains.

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