Keeping You and Your Vehicle Safe with the Go Rhino Push Bumper


Go Rhino 4-Light "LR Series" Push Bumper

Intense situations on the road, the safety, and integrity of your vehicle is going to be of the utmost importance to the overall functioning and success of the mission. One of the ways that you can ensure that you and your vehicle remain safe is to use a police car bumper. The Go Rhino 4-Light "LR Series" is going to accomplish that task, and more. It is one of the more popular options available, and for a good reason.


The Go Rhino LR Series comes in two different configurations, in either a two light or 4 light configurations. In addition to this, you can configure the lights for:

- Federal Signals

- Sound off signals

- Code 3

- Whelen

You can easily install warning lights if desired, using the channel style bar. The bar is one solid piece, fully welded for strength and security for its overall integrity. Technicians usually do a predrill, so that installation takes less time. Airbag systems remain intact, which maintains your safety while driving in the car.

This bumper can work with the following car models:

- Chevy Tahoe 2

- Dodge Charger

- Ford Interceptor Sedan

- Ford Interceptor Utility


As a whole, there are many, many advantages to using this model police car bumper. It is the least invasive to your vehicle, while still maintaining the core integrity of the vehicle. You can sustain the unit's safety features while adding a layer of security in the bumper itself. It is made of the strongest materials so that when you need to use it, it will not fail you. It can fit any light settings that you need and any light configuration. Different situations will require different settings, which you can easily accommodate.


When you purchase this product for your police force, you will also need to buy the lights you want to use. This police car bumper comes with openings for the lights, but these must be acquired independently. Also, this bumper does not work with the Eco Boost Model, which limits its compatibility with other models.


Overall, it's hard to see how the Go Rhino LR Series would be a bad choice for maintaining the safety, security, and strength of your police force. Without the use of a car bumper, you are placing the integrity of your vehicle at risk, and limiting the power of your officers while they are in the vehicle. The car bumper is a vital police tool that you cannot go without when they start using the unit. The Go Rhino is one of the strongest options for this tool.

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