Luxury Train Trip Is a Necessity and Not a Luxury


Spending a few thousands of dollars for a single person vacation that stretches only for a couple of days might sound ultra-luxurious for anyone. There is no harm done in stereotyping something as luxurious. However, if you are planning to skip a luxury train trip with the stereotypic thought of it being a luxury, you are committing a major mistake.

Every year, millions of people are riding luxury trains around the world. Are those people taking up the train just for the sake of luxury? Numerous people consider luxury train as the best option to tour any destination. Why is it so?

This article breaks the myth of luxury train travel being a luxury. Yes, it is a luxury experience but, the travel is a necessity and here are the top reasons as to why.

a) Given the climate of India and the congestion of public transportation, it is not possible to travel in comfort within India. Provided, choosing a tourist spot during peak tourism season would add more congestion. Travel and accommodation becomes easier with luxury trains.

b) Calculate the cost of staying in luxury hotels, traveling in comfortable vehicles, trying out all iconic delicacies for a week. Compare it with the price of the luxury train trip and you would understand that the train trip is more of a necessity.

c) Safety comes as the main concern for a mother while traveling with a child. With luxury train, the child remains in the comfort of a family and the travel becomes stress-free even when traveling with a naughty child.

d) Given the hygiene conditions of rural areas of India, luxury train travel with personal attached bathrooms, dedicated catering service and para medical care inside the train is a sheer necessity.

e) Travel is one of the many ways to gain knowledge to experience. Traveling in a luxury train provides a unique experience, which cannot be disregarded as something that is not necessary.

f) Luxury train travel helps you to connect with various types and culture of people.

g) In today’s technology filled world, think of a week long vacation without wi-fi, comfortable beds, mineral water, hygienic food. Luxury train travel provides these necessary amenities and elements to your vacation.

h) The safety of a solo woman traveler in India has come down drastically over the decade. If you were traveling alone or with your friend, the luxury train travel would provide a royal safety throughout the trip. A safety element is always a necessity.

i) Riding a train with an infant is a big step for any new mother. Why would someone choose cockroach infested coaches and unclean bathrooms for an infant? Luxury train is not just for sitting in a grand coach and sipping champagne. It is a train with para medicals on-board with all necessity medicines, chefs to prepare customized meal for kids and most importantly, a seven-star hotel styled cleanliness. Cleanliness is always a necessity rather than luxury.

j) Dehydration is an important problem for anyone visiting a tropical country for the first time. Luxury train provides air-conditioned coaches, 24/7 mineral water supply, mineral water in the vehicles while on ride to sightseeing spots and much more.

It is true that you would be spending a considerable amount of money for a week long tour. However, it is not right to tag a luxury train travel as just a luxury experience. The train manager and every crew member in the train ensure that you de-board the train with the same health and fitness as you boarded. The safety, health, cleanliness and every other element of a luxury train makes it a sheer necessity in today’s world.

There are numerous luxury train in India such as Palace on Wheels, Maharajas Express, Golden Chariot and Deccan Odyssey train.

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