Manimahesh Kailash Yatra Sep 2016


The Serenity , Sacerdness and holly wibes this place belongs to another level and far away from digital life !!! 4 Days 4 Nights 4 friends aprox 750 kilometers of journey covered through #HyundaiGrandI10 via Ludhiana ?Jalandhar ?Pathankot?Dalhousie ? Chambha ?Rakh ? Gehra? Khadamukh ? Bharmour? Bharmani Mata Mandir ? Hadsar? along with 30 kilometer two way trek ?Dhanchoo ? Shiv Gharaat ?Sundrasi ? Bhairoo Ghatti ? Gauri Kund ? Shiv Kund known as Manimahesh Lake and then return via trekking route of Bandar Ghati to Dhanchoo and then till hadsar on our feets at the altitude of aroud about 14000 ft say 4200 miters above from sea level !!! No network area except #BSNL and trek during the days when Yatra is closed so there is no food and cemented shelter available there and your only resource to survive is #Maggi #DaalChawal and for shelter #Tents in average temprature of 15 to 20 degree celcious in mid noon till evening and 2 to -3 degree in mid night and early morning .....!!! This is our 2nd lifetime experience to witness the holly Mount Manimahesh Kailash standing high above 20000 ft from sea level and this is a virgin mountain with not even a single successful mountaineering expeditions except the one which is still disputed ....!!! Missed a lot this time our trekking coach cum guru Rajesh Kaushik aka Raju Chacha Bhaji mera kamlaa dost Kamal Behal, John and previous journey leader Sanjeev aka Sanju !!! All happens Coz of permission from my previous journey partner mere papa !!! All possible Coz of blessings of #Mahakal #Mahadev #ShivShankar #Bholenath #Kailashpati #ShambhuNath #LordShiva Vo kehte Hai na .....???? ?????? ?? ??? ?? ??? ??? ????? ??, ??? ???? ???? ??? ?? ??? ?? ?????? ?|,....???????????? 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 , Sep 2k16

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