MATHERAN - A Magical Paradise 

7th Jul 2019

Ever wondered how it feels , walking in a Jungle , breathing fresh air under the fog , passing through the clouds and watching the flowing waterfalls where ever you look , Sounds like a dream , right ? But this dream can be turned into a reality if you visit the magical Matheran this monsoon .

As everyone knows that monsoon showered its love on Mumbai in a way like never before , and the Mountains and places near Mumbai are a must visit .

I have been to Matheran many times before and everytime its like the first time , the view , the climate , trees , route everything seems to be kind of new everytime .

I won't give you information regarding the places to stay in matheran or things to do in matheran , coz honestly i don't stay and who would want to stay under 4 walls when you got all the nature sorrounded only for you .

I just wanna say have a look at this blog by me

You'll get all the information here , how to reach , what to do and all .

For now watch the video and enjoy .

happy monsoon guys .