Matheran Hill Station 

14th Dec 2019
Photo of Matheran Hill Station by MUhammed Unais P (TheIndianTrails)

Matheran is a hill station situated in the Raigad district of Maharastra. The hill station is part of the Western Ghats range and is at an elevation of 800 M (2,625 feet) above sea level. Matheran is 120KM away from Pune and 90 KM away from Mumbai. The word Matheran means 'forest on the forehead' and the hill is only one automobile-free hill station in Asia.

There are more than 30 viewpoints in the Matheran hill station. Panorama Point, Alaxendar point, Chowk Point, Echo Point, One Tree Hill Point and Sunset Point are few of them. These viewpoints offer an astonishing view of the neighbouring hills including Prabhalgad Fort, Kalavantin Durg, Chanderi Fort, Peb Fort (aka. Vikatgad Fort), and Haji Alang Malang.

In this video, I am going to trekking around the Matheran with an aim to cover as many views points as possible. I started from Neral Railway Station, second last stop on the Mumbai-Karjat local train route, in a shared taxi to Matheran. In the first day, I pitched my tent on the one of the view point and in the next day I completed #Panorama_Point, #Heart_Point, #Monkey_Point, #Matheran_Town/Market/Railway Station, #Madvi_Point, #Khandala_Point, #Alexander_Point, #Chowk_Point, #One_Tree_Hill_Point, #Louisa_Point, #Echo_Point and #Sunset_Point. Then I returned #Aman_Lodge and then to #Neral. I walked around 30 KM to cover all these viewpoints.

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