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Morocco also known as the Kingdom of Morocco - is a sovereign country located in the Maghreb, North Africa, with coasts in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It is separated from the European continent by the Strait of Gibraltar.

Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman may have shown the world the city of Casablanca, but there is much more to see in Morocco and even more interesting than this huge city. This country, because of its vast expanse and its rich ancient culture, offers travelers the opportunity to immerse themselves in Arab life and culture, which in some parts of Morocco, despite advances, still seems unchanged. You can also sunbathe on paradisiac beaches, ski and mountain tourism, hiking, cultural tourism, taste the gastronomy in a local souk, buy beautiful pieces of handicraft or just stroll through its millennial medinas.

If you're planning to tour Morocco from any part of the world it is advisable you make use of the service of a tour company.

These days many people are relying on the tour companies for going places. There are loads of benefits of depending upon a travel company like Real Sahara Experience for planning and arranging your trip. This tour company offers packaged tours that save a lot of time in planning for the trip and making necessary reservations and arrangements. Moreover, packaged tours are economical than unplanned or self-planned tours. Apart from being economical in terms of money and time, a tour company takes a good care of your comfort and convenience so that the trip becomes enjoyable and memorable for you. Booking a packaged tour also saves you from the stress of having to deal with things like reserving buses and hotel booking. One major benefit of dealing with a tour company is that the travel agents could chalk out the best itinerary that works for you and fits in well within your schedule.

A tour company makes a trip economical

A reputed trip company could fetch you attractive discounts and offers on reservations and bookings. Therefore, by choosing a tour company, you can save a lot of money while touring Morocco. Moreover, these trips are often in groups which make the trip enjoyable. The cost of accommodation and rentals for buses and other conveyance is divided amongst many, which reduces the cost of holidaying for each traveler. The representatives of a travel company will take you to visit a maximum number of places at minimum expenditure.

A tour company makes a trip memorable

If you try to plan for a trip to Morocco by yourself, you'll often find that many mistakes are seeping in the plan. You might end up staying in a bad area, might not be able to arrange for all the comforts that you had thought of, or might end up spending a lot of money unnecessarily on the trip. That is the reason why you should let a travel company do all the planning and reservations while you just sit back and enjoy your trip to this great country - Morocco. By relying on a reputed travel company, you'd be able to get ample time for making the tours memorable and indulge in all the fun a place has to offer.

Best Places To visit in Morocco

The travel company knows more about Morocco tours than you do. Here is a summary of interesting places you can visit in Morocco with the help of a travel company:

1 - Chaouen

Its clear and clean light, its white and blue houses, make this city one of the most beautiful in Morocco. That is why it is an irresistible destination for a good number of painters and artists. Chaouen, also called "The Pearl of the North," is a city of captivating beauty, to which its Mediterranean popular design architecture contributes, with the blue and indigo of its centennial doors and the white whites of the walls, these covered with layers and layers and more layers of lime. Chaouen has been the inspiration for many painters like Eugène Delacroix, Maria Fortuny, and Henri Matisse.

2- Asilah

It is a small town on the Atlantic coast between Tangier and Rabat with mainly Portuguese influences. The Portuguese walls that surround the old town contrast with its white houses and make it a popular destination, especially in summer. The medina remains one of the most beautiful and flirty in the country, making it a perfect place to enjoy a pleasant walk along the Atlantic coast or a good lunch with fresh fish and seafood.

Today, Asilah is a popular and tourist seaside town with large fine sandy beaches stretching across the Atlantic Ocean welcoming both Moroccan and foreign tourists.

3- Ifrane

It is a city of Morocco with a population of 30 000 people that is located in the mountains of the Middle Atlas at 1713 meters above sea level. It was founded by the French in 1929 and is probably one of the cleanest cities cared for in Morocco. Ifrane resembles a small Swiss town, where the streets and gardens are cared for in detail. Both in summer and in winter, this mountain village is an excellent starting point for numerous excursions, especially in the huge Mischliffen or its surroundings.

4- Meknes

While Meknes is an imperial city with a lot of historical monuments and natural sites, it has over 40 km of imposing defensive walls and many mosques, and that is why it is called the "City of the hundreds of minarets" is also the nearest city to the Roman ruins of Volubilis ( Oualili ). Prices in Meknes are among the most reasonable in Morocco and people are much friendlier than in other cities of the country.

5- Fez

It is famous for its ancient walled city, which many compare with the old walled city of Jerusalem. It is the first of the imperial cities of Morocco, dating back to the 8th century. It is also a pioneer in the Muslim cult of Morocco and owns one of the oldest universities in the world. All these firsts make Fez a particularly attractive city with a lively and influential culture. Fez is particularly known for being the cultural and spiritual capital of Morocco.

6- Rabat

Capital of Morocco and fourth imperial city, this city is a curious mixture of the historical tradition of the past and modernity established in the present. It was founded by Abd al-Mumin in the 12th century and used the kasbah ("fortress") as a base to fight against the Spanish. It was during this period when they built their most emblematic buildings, such as the Hassan Tower and the Kasbah des Oudaias. This city became the bastion for Muslims expelled from Spain in the early seventeenth century.

7- Marrakech

Like the cities of Fez, Rabat, and Meknes, Marrakech has the privilege of being a majzen, i.e., imperial city. It also enjoys a special prestige: that is to give its name to the whole country. Marrakech is listed as one of the most important cultural centers in the whole of Morocco. It is a vivacious and famous city among many other things for its markets and festivals.

8- Essaouira

It is the most popular coastal destination among independent travelers and, to date, rarely organized groups approach. Its beach, of great beauty, extends several kilometers towards the south. Those who prefer a quiet locality to haggling and the pushing of the big cities will settle in Essaouira. The forts of the old city are a mixture of Portuguese, French and Berber military architecture, and its solidity gives it a powerful mysticism.

9- Saidia

Imagine 18 km of fine sand beaches, surrounded by eucalyptus and mimosas, a sea of ​​sublime blue, a generous sun and magnificent landscapes. You are in paradise, the blue pearl of the Mediterranean. If you like the beach and sunbathe this haven of peace will be your paradise. The area surrounding Saïdia also provides great excursions.

10- Merzouga

It is the pearl of the Moroccan desert, a real jewel very popular with tourists from all over the world. Merzouga is a small village in south-eastern Morocco, about 35 kilometers southeast of Rissani, about 45 kilometers from Erfoud, and about 20 kilometers of the Algerian border, is known worldwide for its beautiful landscapes and the immensity of its dunes where you lose sight. That is why Merzouga is one of the ideal places to admire its sunset, as well as to contemplate a magnificent starry sky.

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