Most Important Thing To Consider When Selecting A Hardwood Gym Floor


What Activity Is Going To Take Place On The Floor

Considering that there will be lot more than just the athletic activities on the floor, which things are good for basketball in terms of factors such as shock absorption and coefficient of surface friction which is also very good for the Volleyball.

Deciding whether the portable backstops and bleachers are required to be rolled on the floor and locked into the position. Or, a scissor lift will be needed to maintain light fixtures. There are some gymnasiums where people drive large rolling vehicles like trucks occasionally which has to be brought into the gyms. This is mainly done to make sure the surface can withstand those rolling weights.

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The best Portable basketball floor is paved in maple. And so, there are majority of gymnasiums constructed with Portable maple basketball floor at every level of competition across North America. If you consider100 gyms featuring a hardwood court surface, an estimated 95 are constructed of maple — northern hard maple, cut from the forests in Michigan and northern Wisconsin.

There are field houses which host track and field events in addition to basketball and volleyball do not need to abandon the hardwood entirely, as synthetic tracks can surround the hardwood courts. A lot of gyms carry out dual construction, where it will be basically a true full sub floor system underneath the synthetic system, as well as under the hardwood floors, so everything is that one monolithic height all the way across. It provides the synthetic floor a substantially better feel than just being on the concrete.

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