New experiences that tourists must try when making Sapa tours


Sapa tours with endless interesting activities are always very attractive to foreign and domestic tourists, such as conquering Fansipan peak, staying in the house of ethnic people, trying specialties of this mountainous region,… Well, to tell all the experience that tourists can try when making their Sapa tours, it may take all day long.

Therefore, in this article, I won’t repeat what I mentioned in the article “Things you have to do in Sapa”, I’ll tell you some new activities that you can try when coming to Sapa.

1. Admiring one of the greatest four peaks of Northwestern Vietnam

Dubbed to be one of the four highest peaks of the Northwest passes, Tram Ton is one of the longest, most dangerous and imposing passages in the mountainous region of the Northern Vietnam. On the road from Sapa to the peak of the pass, you will have chance to enjoy the field of vegetables or terraced rice fields spread on both sides of the mountain, and when passing the majestic Silver Waterfall, you can enjoy the romantic dreaming waterfall.

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O Quy Ho has a very beautiful scenery

O Quy Ho peak on top of the mountain is also known as heaven at 2035m high. At the peak of the pass at noon, when the sky is blue and not hidden by the fog, you will be able to admire the wonders of nature with mountain ranges connected to each other endlessly. In the morning, you will feel like riding a cloud to the sky with the wind as if to lift the tourists.

2. Relaxing with the traditional herbal bath

Each kind of bathing has a different recipe, most of those recipes consist of 12-14 ingredients according to the secret possessed by the Red Dao. Shower time for normal people is 30 – 35 minutes. When pouring the hot water into the bathtub that already had the herbal leaves, the smell of the ingredients inside blended with each other will rise and form a characteristic fragrance that can give you a really relaxing moment.

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Relaxing with the herbal bath of Red Dao

The herbal bath in Sapa is used to cure many diseases. After a tired day of climbing, taking herbal bath will make you feel relieved, make your spirit refreshed, make your health restored. If you take a bath for so long, you may get drunk and sleepy. In this case, just rest or sleep for a while.

3. Watching the stary sky at 5 am

Do you have enough patience and courage to wake up at 5 am just to watch the beautiful sky of Sapa? If you do, the reward for you is extremely worthwhile. Find a large space (like the yard before the church for example) at that time, when there’s no fog, when the route has turned off the lights, the sky will appear really close to you.

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The gorgeous stary sky of Sapa

Thousands of stars that you feel like you can raise your hand to pick up. It would be great if there was someone with you at that time. If you are lucky, you will see a meteor, which is unlikely to be seen in the city.

4. Bathing in the stream

It sounds crazy, but this experience is really not for those who can not stand the cold and have illnesses in person when coming to Sapa. The streams in Sapa are mostly shallow and the water is unstoppable, the water flowing down the mountain is filtered through different layers of rock, but very cold even at noon. You can find the Golden Stream at the Love Waterfall, or the streams located in Cat Cat, Ho Lake, Ta Phin village,… to swim in.

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The cold water in the stream can give you an unforgettable experience

These streams (except Golden Stream) are located in the villages, so tourists often do not have the patience to find, therefore, without the instruction of locals, tourists won’t be able to find the way to the stream. You can comfortably wade in the cool water with your close friends and get for yourself some unforgettable experiences right on this magnificent land.

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