New Zealand Without a Car- Travel Blog- Guest Post

28th Jun 2017

New Zealand Without a Car- Travel Blog- Guest Post

When you think of New Zealand, you think of a road trip amidst some of the most stunning scenery you'll ever find. And yes, New Zealand is absolutely fantastic to see by road. But what if you're one like me - you don't enjoy driving and / or don't want to give up enjoying your wine? Fret not, for Kiwi land can be enjoyed equally well with someone else at the wheel. And I don't mean a chauffeur. Here is a glimpse of our trip and suggested itinerary which can help you.

1. Auckland

Our trip to New Zealand was just under two weeks long and covered both the North and South islands. We started by landing in Auckland in the middle of the night. And we didn't have to take an expensive cab to our hotel. Because New Zealand has this wonderful, super-reliable, bang-on- time service called SuperShuttle, which specializes in airport pick-ups and drops, and is available in every major city. You could book your shuttle online on their website ( or find one right outside the airport arrivals.

Cities in New Zealand are much smaller in size than those in the US or even Europe, so traveling around isn't difficult. Plus they have a robust public transport system of buses in every city, supplemented by cabs and Uber. Uber in NZ is far cheaper than getting a regular cab, and if you're two or more people, practically the same (or cheaper) than riding a bus.

Auckland has a number of lovely places to visit. Stop off at Mt. Eden for a scenic view of the pretty city It's a bit of a hike up a hill, so make sure you have your walking shoes on. Auckland has many parks that are perfect for a leisurely stroll or a scenic run - take your pick. Other stops in the city include the lovely Auckland zoo, where animals aren't caged but rather have huge spacious enclosures to themselves - even the birds. As a rule, I don't visit zoos, but the elusive Kiwi can only be seen in captivity, so I picked a place where the animals are well cared for and loved.

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