Not Done With Europe | Ep 1 | Why Were We HUNGARY 


Since my first Euro trip in 2017, I have been to this continent 3 times. And I don't know what is it - the charm of the sleepy picture postcard towns or the grand palaces. The expansive views of the Alps or the quiet canals. The quaint narrow cobblestone streets or the pristine lakes. The smooth roadtrips or the freedom of border-less travel.

All i can say is, I'm still NOT DONE WITH EUROPE


So the plan for this year was Croatia & Slovenia. And yet we landed in Budapest. Because when you get a return fare from India for just under 32000, you don't mind squeezing in one more country.

So what do you do when you barely have a day and a half in Hungary's capital Budapest.

This episode is the answer to that question ????????

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