Jet-Set Across Europe with a Single Air India Ticket!


I've got a great news for you all!

Can you believe it - that our dream European adventure just got a whole lot easier!

We all know that planning a trip to Europe can feel like staring into a maze of endless possibilities – what to see, what to skip? It's a puzzle, always!

But guess what? On August 22nd, Air India joined forces with AccesRail, your travel sidekick accredited by the International Air Transport Association, to unveil an intermodal agreement that's your golden ticket to Europe.

Photo of Europe by Riyanka Roy

Now, imagine this: With just one magical ticket, you become the maestro of your European symphony. You get to explore not one, not two, but multiple countries! Picture yourself strolling through Austria, savoring chocolates in Belgium, sipping beer in Germany, dancing to Czech tunes, soaking up history in Hungary, indulging in pasta in Italy, and sipping tea in the United Kingdom. Yes, it's all on the menu!

But here's where the magic truly happens – you won't just be jet-setting around. Nope, you'll be gliding seamlessly from flights to buses and trains. Your baggage allowance? It stays just as generous as when you first stepped onto the plane. So, your journey doesn't end when you step off the plane; it's just getting started as you step into the gateways of Europe!

Photo of Jet-Set Across Europe with a Single Air India Ticket! by Riyanka Roy

Speaking of gateways, we're talking about the heavy hitters – Amsterdam, Birmingham, London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Milan, and Vienna. These are your portals to Europe's heart, and they're wide open for you to explore.

And here's a little cherry on top: when you snag this intermodal ticket, you gain access to a buffet of bus and rail services. Avanti West Coast (U.K.), National Express (U.K.), Trenitalia (Italy), ÖBB Austrian Railways (Austria), SNCB Belgian Railways, Thalys (Netherlands/Belgium) – they're all at your service.

Photo of Jet-Set Across Europe with a Single Air India Ticket! by Riyanka Roy

But that's not all, folks! Air India is taking a page from Vistara's playbook. Remember how they made it a breeze to travel from Frankfurt to Germany with Deutsche Bahn rail services on a single ticket? Well, Air India is following in those footsteps, paving the way for even more seamless connections between Europe and the incredible tapestry of India.

So, there you have it – one ticket, a world of adventures. Your European journey is not just a trip; it's an epic tale waiting to be written. Are you ready to turn the page? Your adventure begins now!

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