Offbeat Destinations in India: Diveagar


Looking for your next beach getaway? Forget the popular tourist locales and discover the divine coastal hamlet of Diveagar. Perfect for urban travelers from the nearby cities, Diveagar offers you a beach locale, sans all the frills and fancy.

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Local legends are, that the settlement of Diveagar dates back to five hundred years or more. Over generations, the village and its neighboring areas had undergone sieges and invasions from the Arabs, Portuguese and the Mughals. Traces of their rule are still found in parts of this region.

Reaching Diveagar

The village of Diveagar is located on the Konkan Coast, in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, about 170km south of Mumbai city. Which means, a quick weekend trip is just a few hours’ drive away. You can reach Diveagar by booking a car rental service in Mumbai.

The treasures of the town

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The sparse population, peaceful environment and clean surroundings add to the charm of this quaint little place. Diveagar developed as a fishing settlement, along with betel nut and coconut farming. Eventually with explorers discovering the beauty of its beaches and natural charm Diveagar evolved into a beach destination for the seekers of serenity. As you take a walk along the glistening white sands and the clear blue sea, while the line of coconut palms dance to the salty winds, you would experience just the relaxation you were looking for.

The Diveagar beach stretches across four kilometers. On the north end lies the fishing village along the inlet of the sea, while the south end is the territory of migratory birds, which throng the beach in the winter months. On your walking jaunts, you might also see paddy farming in the interiors of the village. The beach itself is full of Suru (Casuarina) trees, endemic to the area and thickets of Belu trees, which are quite an uncommon sight.

Exploring Diveagar


Diveagar and its surrounding villages have grown into a resort location. But fortunately, not as commercialized as you would find popular beach locations. There are a plenty of accommodation options available across and off the Diveagar beach and into the village areas. From guest house, lodges and three-star hotels to rustic villas and cozy homestays, you would be spoilt for choices for your holiday stay.


If you fancy local Maharashtrian cuisine and have an appetite for fresh seafood, Diveagar will not disappoint you. Though there aren’t too many dining options in this tiny village, you can still gorge on delectable traditional food at Ranebandhu Khanaval and Swayam Patil Khanaval. Both these places serve authentic Konkani ‘thali’ and seafood delicacies. After all, how can a beach vacation be complete without indulging in the catch of the sea!

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For the ones keen on sightseeing, you can head to the Harihareshwar beach, right outside the village of Diveagar. About 15 Km from the center of town, you can reach the famous Murud-Janjira Fort, on the Murud beach. This 15th-century fort, built for the marine soldiers of its time, this relic of a monument houses ancient cannons and citadels. You can easily get around to nearby tourist spots by booking outstation cabs in Mumbai.


There’s also the Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary if you are love the wild. A natural habitat of a variety of flora and fauna this sanctuary spreads across a 53 sq. km. of area. A variety of wild species of birds like the forest wagtail, flycatcher, pied hornbill, footed green pigeon, black eagle etc. have found their homes here. Besides the animal life, the Phansad sanctuary also boasts about 710 species of plants and wild vegetation.

For the adventure lovers, the beachside shacks offer parasailing and boating options on hourly basis.

A place where you can truly unwind and leave the noise behind, Diveagar offers you a destination to be explored.

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