Offbeat Phuket

Photo of Offbeat Phuket by Second Breakfast

Phuket is know for its beaches!

But Phuket is more than that. Phuket is a huge island (its 58kms from the airport to southern tip of the island) and have over 30 beaches, hills all over the island, waterfalls and mangrove forests. In fact, the name Phuket comes from the word Bukit which means hills.

So here are 3 things you do in Phuket which does not involve a beach.

Go to a Phuket Indy Night Market

Open on: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday (from 4PM - 10PM)

Head to Phuket Indy Night Market where local teen agers are encouraged to open stalls to instil entrepreneurial skills in them. Go hungry! Watch this to see what to eat:

Plane spotting over a beach

Head to Mai Khao Beach between 6 AM to 12 PM to watch planes land over the beach. They are so close that you can almost touch them!

Explore Phuket Old Town

Phuket is a melting pot of many cultures. The Thai, the Malay and the Chinese. The Chinese were merchants and traders when Phuket was a major port. Later the Portuguese came and traded with the then Siam kingdom. So Phuket old town is full of cute multi-coloured Sino-Portuguese style shop-houses. Also a lot of good local food is available in this area! Check it out:

So give the beach a break, hop on a bike and explore the beautiful island.

We stayed in Phuket for 2 months and its one of the best places we have visited until now on our 2 years of continues traveling. We are currently in Mexico eating tacos everyday! Subscribe to our youtube channel for more adventures:

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Until next time, Bye!