Phuket Tourism and Travel Guide

Today, Phuket is Thailand’s most popular beach town. However, decades ago, Phuket was the hotspot for entrepreneurs and merchants. Businessmen from Arabian Peninsula, China, India and Portugal used to flock to this town for rubber trees and tin mines. This has given Phuket an eclectic history where streets are lined with Sino-Portuguese architecture and Chinese Taoist shrines dot the alleys and corners. It is the biggest tourist spot in Thailand and there are great beaches, adventurous activities and beautiful temples to visit. Enjoy the majestic limestone islands by taking a cruise through the emerald waters around the town. Shop for a crazy assortment f souvenirs at the Naka market, also known as the Phuket Weekend Market. Eat street food and buy everything, from DVDs to quirky and fashionable clothes. Water babies, don a suit and go diving and snorkelling around the islands. Laem Singh Beach, Ao Sane, Ya Nui, and Surin are some of the best beaches to go snorkelling and diving while in Phuket. Go a little offbeat and visit the distinctive temples. Don’t miss out on Wat Chalong, Grand Pagoda and at least a few of the 29 Buddhist monasteries.
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Best Time To Visit Phuket

Peak season is from November to March when the temperature is cool and dry and the weather is perfect to explore the area throughout the day. 

Shoulder season is the months of April and October, when the tourists are just begining to flock to Phuket and the weather is pleasent.  

Low season is from May to September, when the temperatures are hot and rainy. Monsoons are not the ideal time to visit the beach but they do make the temperatures a little bearable to explore the town. 

Budget For Phuket

For budget travellers: Less than INR 2,100 a day

  • Dorm bed or budget room: INR 600 - INR 800
  • Street food or market meal: INR 60 - INR 200
  • One beer: INR 160 - INR 200
  • Transport to a beach: INR 80 - INR 100

For midrange travellers: INR 2,100 - INR 6000 a day

  • Air-con room in a hotel: INR 2,400 - INR 4,400
  • Meal and drinks: INR 500 - INR 1,000 
  • Half-day tour: INR 3,000
  • Motorbike hire: INR 400 - INR 500

For luxury travellers: INR 6,000 and upwards a day

  • Room in a boutique hotel: INR 4,600 - INR 6,200
  • Fine dining: INR 1,000 - INR 2,000
  • Spa treatment: INR 1,000 - INR 7,000
  • Car hire: INR 2,500 and upwards