Overcoming Fear Of Flying: 8 Easy Ways To Make It Happen

Photo of Overcoming Fear Of Flying: 8 Easy Ways To Make It Happen by Trippin' Tipsy
Photo of Overcoming Fear Of Flying: 8 Easy Ways To Make It Happen 1/1 by Trippin' Tipsy

It's alright to be fearful, to fret when it comes to flying. But if you are someone looking for ways of overcoming fear of flying, there is perhaps not a better place for you in the internet right now. Enough of popping anti-depressants or sleeping pills while you're onboard a plane. These practical tips will calm you down! Let's get started

1. Get a little bit of technical information

When it comes to overcoming fear of flying, we really need to understand how plane works, the statistics, and the rational possibility of a plane crash. National Safety Council suggests that the chance of dying in a car crash is 1 in 112, while when it comes to air transport accident the stats says it's 1 in 8,357. Not just that, there's always a backup of two, or more essentials that make an airplane fly at all times; so in case of failure of any of the essentials there is something to back it up.

2. Know why turbulence is actually caused

'Flying itself is a nightmare and to make it worse you bring turbulence?! God bless my anxious heart that's sh*t scared of flying.' But before you panic, let me clear this one as well. The intensity of a turbulence is measured in G forces and almost all planes are capable of handling upto 5G's. Here's a small description of G forces for each intensity:

Mild - .8 to 1.2 G

Moderate - .6 to 1.4

Severe - .4 to 1.6 G

So, the next time you're flying don't fret over something that's not even worth it! The SOAR app has a built in G force calculator as well as other tool meant to tackle your fear of flying phobia.

3. Get into brain training

Our brain gets too distressed when it get into thinking about free fall, specially when it hasn't experienced it ever. So, to tell your brain that it's not as terrifying as it is perceived, indulge in adventure activities as cliff diving. Or if that's too extreme for you, jumping off a flight of stairs may do the trick as well. This activity is believed to let people conquer fear of flying.

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