Paradise Island! Langkawi, Malaysia!

19th Aug 2018
Photo of Paradise Island! Langkawi, Malaysia! by Apoorva Sheshagiri
Day 1

Want to have a paradise for yourself? Car to drive around and feel the cool breeze… Cable Car to hawk-eye on the whole area for 100 of km’s… Cruise ship to hop on 10’s of Islands in matter of few minutes… Para-gliding to feel like a bird and enjoy the top-view and go along with the airplanes right next to you… Scuba-diving to enjoy with the sea-creatures… all of these plus lot other perks all at one place!!
Langkawi Islands is your GO-TO place!!!


Langkawi is a short 50-min flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
You can also reach Langkawi by Ferry if you are okay to put up with the crowd. Ferries operate four routes to Langkawi from Kuala Kedah, Kuala Perlis, Penang and Satun in Thailand.

I must say there are well-known places to stay mainly in the Cenang Beach  area. The Casa del Mar, Four Seasons Resort, The Danna, The Andaman, The Datai, Vivanta by Taj are few of the Luxury Hotels to choose from. Mali-Mali Beach Resort, Alia Residence and few others are among the Budget ones.

Photo of Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia by Apoorva Sheshagiri

Right on the Chenang Beach!

Beautiful sand beach in Langkawi with thrilling water sport adventure offerings!
You can find many resorts/homestays/hotels right on the beach!

You will find a lot of eateries as you travel around in the area…
Few places to try are the Hole in the Wall, Indian Palace, Restoran 1 Malaysia, SkyCup Bistro, The Cliff, The Night Market etc…


Once you land in the small airport of Langkawi, you will find a lot of Car-On-Hire agencies available in various counters for you to book and choose from a wide range of price range and car models.

Are you lost all by yourself in the seemingly small island of Langkawi… Well, maybe I missed telling you at the beginning that you should grab one of those Maps of Langkawi in the airport the minute you land J
The map gives you a clear picture of all the well-known places to travel and will also give the route-map distance from the airport to most of the places!

One of the best Sky Car rides in Asia

Package tour to over 10+ Island Hopping tour! Must try in Langkawi