Parenting Discussion Post

13th Nov 2019

From potty training to tantrums, us parents face many wars from the day our child is born, throughout their teenage and beyond. Being a parent, I know that it is not like a walk in a park, but it is more like a roller coaster ride. When I was a kid, my teacher once asked me to pen down some of the qualities of my parents, and I started to essay writing service by saying that my parents are great because they cook delicious meals. Little did I know that being a parent is something that is beyond cooking food. Below are some of the major issues that I face being a parent:

Continuous Worrying:

I used to fall a lot in the worry trap. Worry about my kid’s diet, their health, their routine. Then feeling guilty about it that I am not a good parent because I can’t take care of them. But now I have learnt how to confront it and deal with it.

Public Tantrums

Being a parent of two kids is not always easy. Especially when the youngest one is totally out of your control. He used to scream, bite and fight in front of people. I used to get annoyed, but then I used to remind myself that this is a stage and it will pass.

Finding Balance in Everyday Life

Striking the balance between knowing when to clean and discipline and when to let go things and sit down and enjoy life is the most challenging thing for a parent. While I want to let go things, hold my kids and play with them but then the house gets messy, my kids get lazy and bored, and I get frustrated. Finding a balance is a real challenge, and there is no proper solution to this problem. Some days I get it wrong and somedays I get it right.

So How to Overcome These Challenges?

As the struggle of being a parent is hard, but there are things you can do to control it. Ask for help from your parents. Call them over for babysitting and in that time you go somewhere and relax. Share your problems with other parents, learn about their techniques. And keep in mind, that you are not the only one, every parent is facing the same challenge.