Pastor Chris - Year of the Supernatural

10th Feb 2018
Photo of Pastor Chris - Year of the Supernatural by asad

Church services are inspirational. Every pastor gives their own energy to the passion behind their sermons and message from God. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is one such pastor who provides energy and inspiration with his words.

Pastor Chris

After the congregation was aroused through the spirit with the hymn "So We Lift up our Hand to Praise Your Name", the New Year's Eve 2017 event stepped onto the stage, calling to those in attendance. He called for them to give the Lord a shout-out and praised him with a resounding "Glory to God!"

Pastor Chris is a popular and well respected man of God. After the pastor stepped on the stage it took several minutes for the congregation to settle and calm. They were feeling the Holy Spirit through the man at the front.

Recap of 2017

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome began the event by recapping the previous year. He praised the growth of the ministry, productivity, abundant growth and significant fulfillment. He told the congregation that their Rhapsody of Realities distributed over 1.3 billion copies and were printed in over nine-hundred languages. He raised his hands to the heavens and thanked God for the achievement, attributing the message and Christ's Glory; the book being merely a tool in spreading His word.

In addition to the growth of the church, they also addressed the spread of the Loveword network, especially Loveworld USA. Through television, radio, and Internet, the word of God permeated the digital waves. Missions were all discussed and their successes praised as well. The year was full of accomplishments in the name of God and all in attendance at the end-of-year event.

What to Look Forward To

After a recap of 2017, Pastor Chris spoke of the future, of God, and of Jesus Christ. He brought the building excitement and joy, knowing that the word of God was still prevalent in the world. Instead of sitting around by the millions watching a soccer match or the Superbowl, they were listening to an uplifting and inspirational message to spread the Holy Spirit through the world.


Future African Leaders Awards were gifted to honor young leadership within the community. The star prize winner for 2017 was Naomi Ekpoki Aliyu. She was overwhelmed by both receiving such an honor, but also by being in the presence of such a strong spiritual man of God, Pastor, Chris. When the young woman stepped onto the stage, she fell to her knees and was completely unable to control her excitement. Every recipient of an award was just as overcome with the grace of Jesus Christ as they stepped on the stage.

Special Guests

Martin PK sang his latest Gospel song, "Beautiful Jesus", which won song of the year at LIMA in 2017. In addition to Martin PK, Sinach sang a song to thank the Lord. The crowd was filled with more of the spirit of Christ as she performed. She was joined by Pastor Chris and other leaders and pastors from Christ Embassy and throughout the BLW community.

Uplifting Conclusion

Dr. Chris Oyakhilome thanked the Lord in front of the live audience and the congregation who watched or listened from their homes. His message was inspired by God's spirit coursing through the arena. He prayed "Oh, Father, we thank you, we worship you, we honor you." He went on to thank God for his love, grace and kindness. Pastor Chris thanked God for their success in the past and for continued success in spreading the word of God through the world.

Pastor Chris invited his listeners to get onto KingsChat and send names of family members who needed prayers. He promised a significant year and that prayer with prophetic words for family members would be part of the positive outlook for 2018.

It was a memorable event to close out 2017 and to bring to the world a spiritually blessed and positive 2018.

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