Places In Hotels & Resorts That Are Riddled With Germs


Anytime, you book a room or suite at any place such as a hotel, resort, a bnb or even a vacation rental - you are well aware that you are staying in a place where hundreds of thousands of people have already slept, bathed, ate and everything else. So you are very aware that even though a room may be clean by local cleaners or an in house cleaning service, it is still riddled with all sorts of germs. The places where you know germs reside are shocking enough, without the places we are about to expose below.

The Grossest Places Germs Creep In Hotel Rooms

A domestic cleaner will clean more than 10 rooms in a single shift, and although they are taught to clean well- they only get a few minutes to change the linens, vacuum, wipe the sinks, and make the beds. This leave tons of spots that can be germ-ridden for months on end as well as if you have an immune system deficiency, then it could make it even more harmful to be exposed to bacteria, illnesses and other germs.

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The Remote to the TV

Ah! It may be nice to have premium access to all of the cable channels you would ever dream of. However, consider the fact that almost everyone has handled the very same remote to watch TV each day spent there. No matter what the case- the TV remote in any lodging space is riddled with germs and bacteria. So it may be wise, to wipe it down with some disinfecting wipes.

The Comforter or Quilt on the Bed(s)

Although, the hotel cleaning service will change sheets upon checkout of the guests, often the comforters or heavy quilts that are on the beds DO NOT get laundered. Sleeping on sheets and inside of the covers can leave body oils, flakes of skin and even other body secretions. The bed-spread is no different than the sheets as it catches all of the germs from guests just the same. The wisest way to avoid this nastiness is to just turn-down the quilts, duvets and comforters and to merely sleep on the clean sheets and lighter blankets provided in your room.

Light & Lamp Switches

Every light, every single lamp in your suite or hotel room has been switched on and off thousands of times. It is very similar to the TV remote situation- lights and lamps are a hot breeding ground for every type of germ imaginable. The bedside lamp is the worst place where germs are. Remember to just wash your hands and if you have some disinfectant wipes handy, then just use them to do a quick wipe down on bathroom switches, other light switches and the bedside lamps, too. Want to hire a cleaning service for your home? I recommend to hire cleaning services cambridge.

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