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10th Apr 2017

What could be more adventurous than the confronting the wild beasts in their natural habitat! Nothing could trigger your adrenaline rush more than this. Nothing could make your heart beat stop than seeing a tiger just few yard away from you. Isn’t it? Of course, all of you who have visited any tiger reserve forest even once in their life and got the sighting of this amazing predator will concur with me on this. If you haven’t been on any such adventure trips, you are missing a great adventurous feeling. And, the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve will be the best option if you want to drive right away for such adventure trip.

With the escalating number of tigers in the recent years, the Ranthambore National Park becomes the prime spot for the wildlife enthusiasts from all over the world. And, adding the spice, the internationally famed star tigers here attract tiger lovers from all over the world just like a magnet attracts iron. Spread in the large landscape filled with a massive number of dry deciduous trees and small shrubby plants, the Ranthambhore forest offers you a quaint view of a forest. However, the forest has large greenery covered hilly areas in comparison to the other regions of Rajasthan which are famous for their desert landscape.

The Ranthambhore National Park is located around 10 km from the Sawai Madhopur district of the Rajasthan and can easily be accessible from all the important locations of India as well as the Jaipur International Airport is around 160 km and directly connect through the road and the rail making it easily accessible to the wildlife lovers of the world. Now coming to the point, here are the five places in Ranthambore which you should not miss to visit while you are in Ranthambore for the adventure trip.

Climb Up to the Mighty Ranthambore Fort:

It’s an irony that most visitors often focus only on the tiger sighting and ignore the stunning Ranthambore Fort which is located in the heart of the large forest. The fort stands proudly since the mid of the 10th century, when it is said to be constructed in the reign of Chauhan Rajput ruler Sapaldaksha. The fort is the living testimony of the glory and grandeur of Rulers of the Ranthambore region. The overlooking view of the entire forest and hills from the top of the fort is very enchanting and magnificent. You can visit the Fort in your own car, but you have to keep the pollution clearance certificate of your car handy with you as you can’t enter the forest without showing it at the entrance.

On the way to the fort, you might get the sight of various wild animals or even you can get a glimpse of the majestic ruler of the forest, the royal tiger as the way to the fort passes through the forest. So, don’t get hassled by the sight of sambhars, deer, hyena, leopards and langurs in your way to the fort. The historicity of the interiors of the fort is marvelous and testifies the glory and valor of the Chauhan dynasty. There is a famous temple of Lord Ganesha inside the fort, which is visited by the plenty of devotees every day. Also, there is a Digambar Jain temple, a Dargah and a mosque inside the fort. If you want, you can hire a guide here.

Savor the Tranquility of the Kachida Valley:

With mesmerizing lush greenery, the Kachida valley will captivate your mind with its natural beauty and the tranquil environment. You will fall in love with this valley at the first sight. The terrain of the valley consists of many rocky outcrops, an abundance of water bodies, low hills and a large green expanse. The valley is located at the edge of the park and populated by the Panthers in majority along with the other animals like sloth bears, wild boars and deer. This valley is home to panthers as they don’t venture deep into the jungle to avoid conflicts with the tigers.

Submerge into the history at Raj Bagh Ruins:

With the ruins of prehistoric monuments, The Raj Bagh ruins will take you to the voyage of a prehistoric era. The wracked stone structures of palace outhouses, arches and domes are the reminder of the bygone Royal era of Rajasthan. The historic monumental remains here are not only a testimony of the imperial epoch of the past but also enhance the scenic beauty of the landscape. Seated idly in between the two famous lakes, Padam Talao and Raj Bagh Talao, it gives a visual delight to the visitors.

Jogi Mahal – Now Ruled by Tigers:

The famous Mahal on the bank of the Padam Talab in Ranthambore is known as Jogi Mahal, which was once the resting abode for Jaipur Royals when they used to visit Ranthambore for hunting excursion. The Padam Talao is known for having the water throughout the year, even when most of the Ranthambore forest is dry during the summer season and thus thirsty tigers often visit here to drink water making it the best place to hunt tigers. Later, the Mahal was converted into a forest rest house for the tourists, but after a poaching incident here, it is closed for tourists to stay here or visit inside, but one can make a stop here during the safari and view it from outside. As for now, good tigers sighting has been reported in and around this area, making it a good location to spot a tiger. Besides this, the place is a visual pleasure for nature lovers as well.

Get a Tiger for Yourself at Dastkar Ranthambore:

It is a must visit place outside the Ranthambore National Park to buy a souvenir and other handmade beautiful and useful items for yourself. From handmade tiger toys in various sizes and wildlife painting to a large variety of handcrafted handbags, bed sheets, cushion covers, sandals and many more items, you can go on a shopping spree here. These handmade items are based on the wildlife themes and are not only beautiful and fancy but durable too and available at a very reasonable price. There are traditional jewelries, hand crafted and block printed dupattas, skirts and many other items to carry home. Just visit here and take a look.

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