Prague: The City of My Dreams

Photo of Prague: The City of My Dreams 1/1 by Vaisakh Somanath

It was in a dream I saw myself being carried on the shoulders of a giant headless man. The street looked bleak, the sky was dark and I looked dull. I was neither a politician, nor a celebrity to be carried by someone on their shoulders. I was seeing real me in my dream who knew that he is dreaming. I knew that I was dreaming and thus looked dull. It was the exact opposite of magical realism, that too in a Kafkaesque backdrop!

Yes I was dreaming of my favourite city, Prague! Prague has always been my dream destination primarily because of its rich history of literature, music or art in general. One can expect nothing short of a magic from this city which produced legends like Franz Kafka and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Whenever I think of Prague, I imagine myself as Owen Wilson of Woody Allen's "Midnight In Paris", trotting along its dreamy streets. I could check out every museum in the city, sit on the banks of Vltava River and enjoy the sunrise, jam with any street musician I see, and literally go crazy over the city. If I could talk about a place this much without visiting there, you can imagine how many times I saw the city in my dreams.

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