Riding to Ladakh - Things you Need to Know


I was fortunate enough to ride to Ladakh in 2016. I did a nearly 16,000-kilometre journey across the length of India. From Chennai, I rode all the way North into the Himalayas, and eventually then made my way back through Western India. It was a phenomenal journey and Ladakh was one of its highlights.

I was looking for a lot of information before I did my trip but found a detailed, useful and easy to read guide hard to come by. So, on the other side of my journey, I've set about creating a database with some of the crucial things that I think anyone should know before they plan a motorcycle ride to the Land of the Lama.

The post is quite large and contains some information in tabular format so I haven't been able to reproduce it here. However, you can read the entire guide on my blog (www.tollfreetraveller.com) by clicking here.

If you haven't already done so, please do also watch the video I've made to document one half of this incredible journey (linked below).

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