Road to Enlightenment (the Himalayas)


Motorbiking- A second passion for me. Travel- My mantra to attain peace and feel one with the nature. Both put together, made a deadly combination of man-and-machine-together-in-search-of-pe­ace journey. A journey on the road.(Road to Enlightment i say)

For me more than my destination, the journey has always been of utmost importance. Each time I am on the road, meeting people, witnessing local culture, knowing about age old traditions, food, and folklore makes me desire to give back more to the society.

One fine day, I decided to push my limits and zeroed upon giving the Himalayan roads a try. My making headway to The Himalayas turned out to be the penultimate soul awakening experience.

The bleakness of higher altitudes makes one struggle for life as well as arouses love for life at the same time. I feel closer to life and nature whenever I cross those nerve wrecking roads. One needs to be insane enough to ride past them keeping sanity intact. The minimal amount of oxygen, the unpredictable weather conditions, the drop in body temperatures and the roads that are rude to my bike help me remain focused throughout the journey.

Even after facing many extremities, I never miss feeling the positive vibes oozing from the thin but refreshing air. My mind becomes calm, free of all afflictions and worries.

Those magnificent snow capped peaks, the beauty that encompasses the mountains, the people living by the foot of the mighty, the simplicity in their smiles, the beaming happiness in their eyes even after making their living out of meager amount of facilities available, their celebration of life and traditions in the harshest of the conditions arises a great deal of questions in my mind. Nevertheless, I find the answers to all my questions always hidden in the questions itself.This unending quest for peace and oneness keeps on pulling me and that’s when I hit the roads every year. I make it a point to go for atleast one long road-trip, during which I am mostly subsumed in the nature. Away from technology and the material world. My desire for achieving material things have become much controlled along these years.I started seeing life with a different perspective altogether. Beyond ego and intolerance.