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Every Travelers dream to visit marvelous land Tibet. An Additional Name of Tibet is "The roof of the World”. The Land keeps its centuries for primordial mysterious Tibetan cultures and untouched pure natural scenery with picturesque landscape. The awe inspiring Himalayans range as an illustration Mt. Everest (8848m) , Nuptse (7861m) , Kula Kangri(7538m) and and so forth. The Best geographic and Climatic condition have support you to shape the best traditional civilization with no tiny influences from any others neighboring country India, Nepal and Bhutan. The whole Tibet was totally flocked with almost all number of numerous beautiful monasteries and incredible Tibetan designate Temples and by the way this city became home to many religious Heads. We want you to do just that…explore the real Himalayas in your own way. Our travel ideas always diverse as the Himalayas itself and it is designed to let you best experience it any way you please. There are some supreme major places in Tibet which you must visit once while you are travelling in Tibetan Land:

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