Sahara Desert, Morocco

16th Sep 2017

The beauty of Sahara, I couldn’t have asked for more.

Especially for a city girl like me, I needed this place to feel alive.

See the highlights of my journey in Merzouga Village in Sahara, Morocco.

I guess many people dream of going to the Sahara desert for an exciting adventure, yet on the other hand, some have asked me, “Why, why Morocco? Why the desert? There’s nothing in Morocco except… poverty and danger!”

I wouldn’t know how to answer them at that time, and for a second these comments and misjudgements made me almost backdown.

Well I am glad I didn’t. Now I can proudly tell them, or even better, show them, how amazing my journey has been.

So why, why the Sahara?

For me, it’s because I just had to see it with my own eyes, to know that it is more than just a fantasy, a fairy tale.

It’s a place where I could forget about all the troubles and stress in life.

And I was able to focus on the scenery that amazed me.

To realise that all the bugging things in life are just as little as the sands under my feet;

and that I could throw them away with my bare hands just as easy as it seems.

Special thanks to Under Moroccan Sun, for arranging us a beautiful and comfy site to glamp at the desert.

Where we could watch the stars under the sky at night without catching a cold,

and to have a sweet Moroccan-style breakfast after enjoying the once-in-a-lifetime sunrise.

Sahara was the highlights of our trip to morocco:

And I will never forget the short but eventful days that I spent in here, such as, how I became buddies with my camel:

And then arrived at one of the best sunset-watching spots available on Mother Earth.

So live, people, live.

Don’t rush to a judgement before you’ve been there, seen it, experienced it.

Be a little bolder and take the steps that you’ve never taken before.

I have brought home a piece of this land.

So I can always look at it and think about how amazing it was,

Until the next time I return…

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