Shhhh!! Don't tell about this place to anyone.


Whenever we travel we always search for the best place to visit in that particular destination. But have you ever tried how does that off beat place feels like? Even the most off beat places become touristy in no time (uff!! social media). Today I want to reveal one of such place to the world. But before I do, promise me you will be a responsible traveller and don't spoil the place by trash. And you tell about this place to only your responsible buddies.

Well this place is called "The wooden bridge in Saligrama" just about 12 kms from Udupi, Karnataka. This is a very beautiful wooden bridge constructed over a small stream. The bridge is used by locals for crossing the river. Nothing fancy about this place, but when you visit the place you will feel the nature sing song in your ears. You will go speachless by the beauty of the place. You won't need more than 20 minutes to explore the place, click some pics. But if you got time, then sit here and just get drowned in the nature with birds singing, cool breeze and gentle rush of the river beneath.

That sums up everthing I had to say about Saligrama wooden bridge. I've made a detailed video about the place which you can watch it. Please do subscribe, it keeps me motivated to bring more such videos.