Singapore has these 8 beautiful temples, waiting for your visit


In a perfect blend of the natural beauty and religious symbolism, Singapore is a must-visit place for the adventurous as well as the religious souls out there. Singapore has an array of the top temples (both Hindu as well as Buddhist temples) that are widespread across the city. There are over 35 Hindu temples in Singapore. At the same time, owing to the big population of the Buddhist followers, the city has several Buddhist temples as well. If you wish to experience the true essence of spiritualism and religious holiness, then you must a visit to Singapore. Make your flight ticket booking today and visit the majestic city to witness religion at its best. Here are some of the top temples in Singapore that you must visit:

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1.Buddha Tooth Relic Temple: This is among the most spectacular Buddhist temples located in Singapore. Even the non-Buddhists can appreciate the true beauty and the intricate architecture of this beautiful temple. The entire architecture is on the Tang Dynasty of China that contains several artworks related to the Lord Buddha and Buddhism.

2.Sri Mariamman Temple: This is one of the oldest and the biggest Hindu temple in Singapore. There is an impressive “gopuram” at the entrance of the temple. There are 6 layers of the statues of the “Mariamman” that implies “Mother Man”. She is considered to be the Goddess of Rain and is worshiped mainly in South India.

3.Kong Men San Phor Kark See Monastery: This is the largest Buddhist temple complex in Singapore. This monastery has one of the largest bronze statues of Lord Buddha in Asia. The Bodhi Tree in the complex resembles the “tree of enlightenment” in India. The architecture of the monastery is done in the South Chinese design.

4.Burmese Buddhist Temple: This majestic temple is home to an 11 feet white marble Buddha statue. This is the largest pure white marble statue of Lord Buddha outside of Burma. There is a Bodhi tree in the premises of the temple to instill the feeling of spiritualism in each visitor.

5.Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple: This is an impressive temple with 5-layered Gopuram at the entrance. This represents the various incarnations of Lord Vishnu who is a significant Hindu deity. The temple has been constructed in the ancient Dravidian (Hindu) style.

6.Sri Krishnan Temple: You can spot various beautiful carvings and statues of Lord Krishna in this beautiful temple. The temple is located next to the traditional Chinese temple. Therefore, several Chinese devotees too come to the temple to light incense sticks and offer their prayers.

7.Kwam Im Thong Hood Cho Temple: This is a famous Chinese temple that is based on the Chinese architecture. The entrance along with the walls of the temple are colorful and represent lively Chinese culture. Among the locals in Singapore, it is considered to be a good fortune to visit this temple and offer prayers.

8.Siong Lim Temple: Siong Lim Temple has a beautiful seven storey temple in Singapore. Some of the main attractions of the temple include three prayer halls, a traditional Chinese courtyard and impressive carving all around.

When on your visit to Singapore on domestic flight offers, you can pay a visit to these amazing temples to feel enlightened.

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