Self tests | Depression and Anxiety

13th Nov 2019

We often hear the phrase that the world is a stage and we all are actors, people quote this statement in different situations. However, in reality, there are a lot of people who are being amazing actors in their daily lives just to keep their matters and problems to themselves this state of mind is known as Depression. It is the most common type of mental disease nowadays which not only harms the mental health of a person but it keeps affecting the physical being of a person on its parallel. In general words, depression is referred to the feeling when a person thinks that he or she is not capable of being successful or doing something. Continuous tragic incidents and events also make a person feel depressed and sad. The most common way that people use of portraying their depression is by staying quiet and avoiding public interaction.

However some people hide their depression by keeping a smile on their face, they hide all their sufferings inside in order to behave normally in front of others. This state of depression is known as Smiling Depression. Such people are the best actors of this world as they never let people know what is hurting them and what they are going through. These people usually burst out and cry more than anyone else when they are not surrounded by anyone. There are certain symptoms of smiling depression which can help in understanding if a person is hiding his or her depression like;

Loss of appetite

Not showing interest in something that they really used to enjoy in the past.

Portraying to be joyful, positive and showing happiness.

Working on a low salary despite being wealthy in order to avoid social life

Whenever they are asked to write something they will add emotions to it. For example, if they are asked to write my essay, then they will definitely choose a sensitive topic.

Smiling depression is less harmful from other kinds of depression as the risk of suicidal attempts is very low. The person might feel weak internally but they will never depict themselves weak in front of others so that they can compete with this world. Such people will never complain about their surroundings and will try their level best to keep everyone happy.