Steps To Follow If Microphone On Your iPhone Is Not Working


Is the microphone of your iPhone not working? If yes, this can have serious implications on your personal and professional life. This article will guide you through the various possible reasons behind the failure of your phone’s microphone.

Below are some of the troubleshooting steps that you can do on your own before going to a professional service center that does the iPhone repair in Dallas.

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Follow these 5 basic troubleshooting steps:

1. Test the microphone: Go to the Memos in Extras and record your voice. Listen to the recorded voice. This will help you determine if the microphone is working properly or not.

2. Remove the factory cover: Some iPhone users who had complained that their microphone isn’t working, got it fixed just by removing the factory cover of their iPhone.

3. Restart your phone: Hold the Home and the Sleep button simultaneously and restart your phone. Sometimes, there is a software glitch which may cause the microphone to stop functioning. Restarting the phone might fix the problem.

4. Enable Noise Cancellation: Open Settings > General > Accessibility > Noise Cancellation. Turn on the noise cancellation. This thing also solves the problem in many cases. If it was already in the ‘On’ position, you can turn it Off and then back On.

5. Remove the dirt, if any: Check if the microphone hole has any dirt. If yes, try to remove it. You can use a toothpick to get the dirt off.

These steps are really simple and you can easily do it on your own.

If all the above-mentioned steps didn’t work, you can just go to a repair center that exclusively repairs iPhones. Do not go to a place where the technicians are not apple-certified. Only go with the one who are renowned for iPhone repair in Dallas.

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