Sydney with a Side of Sweet and Savoury


MasterChef Australia is not the only gourmet connoisseur franchise out there of Australian origin. When you have all of Sydney to fly off to any day of the year with cheap flights to Sydney then there is really not much left to debate about apart from how soon you can leave for this remarkable journey. Comfort food is one of the many categories that the Australian cuisine is famous for and since the city has a multi-cultural air to it, you can expect a huge variety in almost every other food section that comes to your mind.

Photo of Sydney with a Side of Sweet and Savoury 1/2 by TraveasyUK

You might have had your fair share of the fusion palate either from the eating joint right next to you that thankfully also does home delivery or you might have had the good fortune of having it while on an exhilarating trip to some other corner of the world before getting on flights to Sydney. Hence, keeping your fusion cuisine saturation in mind, we suggest the purist dining experience in which you will be having the best of almost all the worlds that comfortable coexist in the gastronomy cauldron of this city.

Photo of Sydney with a Side of Sweet and Savoury 2/2 by TraveasyUK

Take a filling bite of the crisp and well-seasoned Neapolitan pizza to start the day on a delicious note. For lunch you can opt for the flavour bomb of Lebanese charcoal chicken or the comforting Japanese ramen. End the day on an incredibly fulfilled with a relaxed and informed stroll by the local eat streets. Get more out of the tickets to Sydney with a delightful scoop of local recipes and top it all up with an effervescent twist of the locally brewed beers. Open up that fortune cookie at the local Chinatown and know that every bite from here on onwards is going to be no less than a decadent blessing.

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