The Centrix Group - Founded By Alexander Candelario


The Centrix Group is a company that has been specializing in providing a range of creative solutions for the healthcare industry for years. The Centrix Group is a high quality company that puts customer service first and foremost. They specialize in clinical practice management, a field that requires great attention to detail as well as as a certain amount of flexibility, since every practice is different. The Centrix Group was founded by Alexander Candelario, a businessman with diverse interests.

Photo of The Centrix Group - Founded By Alexander Candelario 1/2 by Alexander Candelario

The Centrix Group provides industry-best leadership, starting at the top with founder Alexander Candelario. He has put together a staff of individuals who understand the needs of healthcare practices and hospitals because they have experience in the healthcare industry, including Candelario himself. The Centrix Group was named an Anoto Bronze partner and spent years developing an Anoto digital pen technology for use in the healthcare industry. The Centrix Group developed this technology, which helps practices and hospitals to capture close to all relevant data.

Photo of The Centrix Group - Founded By Alexander Candelario 2/2 by Alexander Candelario

Alexander Candelario has spent a great deal of time working with the SixSigma system and has used it in all company projects. All employees of his have had their SixSigma lessons paid for up to at least the green belt level, with management being required to be trained as SixSigma black belts. All training was done by SBTI, a respected SixSigma training provider. SixSigma is a set of tools and strategies for process improvement that companies are making use of in order to increase efficiency.

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