The Ideal Holiday Destination- Dubai


Dubai is one of the premier tourist destinations of the modern world. Thousands of people visit this part of the world every year to see the beautiful locations and experience the life in one of the most sought after regions of the world. One of the major reasons for its tremendous popularity is that it has something to offer for everyone. No matter what the age of person is that person will have plenty of options when it comes to being in Dubai. Dubai is synonymous with majestic building which are nothing short of modern day architectural brilliance.

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A part from that it has many romantic beaches in and around the place for couples to enjoy their time. The women and the men alike can experience a shopping experience like nowhere else in some of the most posh shopping malls in the world which are present in this city. The kids too can look forward to a trip to the several amusement parks in the place. Parks like IMG World of Adventure is not only a thrilling experience for the kids but they can provide plenty of entertainment for the adults too. Hence, it is not bad to plan ahead to make arrangements for visiting these locations by checking several websites and booking services and IMG tickets online.

Manmade Wonders

Dubai is often referred to as a city of luxury and superlatives. This is evident from the number of superstructures present throughout the city. It is home to some of the biggest skyscrapers which have all been developed in the last couple of decades. It has the many records to its name. Everyone is aware of the Burj Khalifa which is tallest building in the world. Apart from that Dubai also has the Burj Al Arab which is the worlds only 7 star hotel. The sky view bar at this place is simply breathtaking. The other place which is a must visit for every tourist to Dubai is the palm islands. It is known to be the largest artificial island in the world. It is perhaps also the most ambitious projects the earth has ever seen.

Shopping Malls

When it comes to providing the shoppers the best shopping experience Dubai must rank quite high. It has some of the grandest shopping malls on the planet. Dubai has almost all the top brands and designer showrooms that one can think of. Centers like the Ibn Batuta Mall provide a very unique experience to the shoppers. It is the biggest, and certainly the grandest themed mall on the planet. Other shopping malls which must be visited when on a trip to Dubai include the BurJuman Mall, Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Outlet Mall. However, the one mall which stands out among the rest is definitely the Dubai Mall. It is not only the world largest and the most visited mall but it is also has one of the world’s largest aquarium zoos.

Adventure Theme Parks

Be it for the kids or for the adults when on a trip to Dubai visiting a theme park is a necessity. These parks will not only keep the kids entertained but it will also thrill the adults. There are no shortages of such parks in the region with world class facilities like Dubai Parks and Resorts, Bollywood Parks Dubai and Motiongate Dubai. However the best out of the lot is the IMG World of Adventure. Although the ticket prices can be quite steep for some of these parks but luckily the IMG tickets online are rather affordable. This makes IMG not only the best park but also the most economical one.

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