The Kashmir I see 

29th Jul 2017


Photo of The Kashmir I see by Kushagr

If you only do one trek in your life, let it be the Kashmir Great Lakes trek. I have done enough treks in my life to know that they're all great and also to know that Kashmir great lakes is the greatest of them all.

The major deterrent for most people to do this trek is that it's in Kashmir and they're scared to go; which is understandable, Kashmir is a conflict zone after all. But on my trip to Kashmir, not once did I feel imperiled. The military presence is palpable in Srinagar. There are frequent curfews. Life in the city goes on regardless. The Kashmiris are good-natured people, especially warm to tourists, for their livelihood greatly depends on the wager that more people like us will visit them in the summer. The trek itself is through very remote valleys and passes, and it's unlikely you'll encounter another soul throughout the duration of your trek.

I could paint a very vivid word description of the trek to entice you to go, but this film does a far better job at expressing what I really have to say about Kashmir.

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amazing video! awesome background voice & sounds ✌️
Wed 11 15 17, 20:26 · Reply (1) · Report
Thank you Vikas! :D
Fri 11 17 17, 07:30 · Report