The Land of Clouds- Shillong


Those who love clouds, waterfalls, lakes and lavish green landscape, Meghalaya is the right place with all these combinations of nature. I love its intact nature and especially the fresh wind blowing over the place.

Our journey to the Land of Clouds started from Guwahati, the state capital of Assam. We booked a cab for our three days trip, and we started around 6 O’clock in the morning. Guwahati to Shillong is two and half hour journey via NH-40. We reached Shillong around 9:30. We had booked our room in “the Habitat” in Laitumkhrah. The Hotel is well-known by the name “the Asian Confluence”. After refreshing, we left for the sightseeing around the city. Shillong Peak was our first destination. One can have the panoramic view of the entire Shillong City from here. This place is well maintained by the Indian Air Force (IAF). You can just relax here and enjoy its refreshing breeze. While going to ‘Shillong peak’, there is a mesmerizing view of the undulating green potato fields.

Photo of The Land of Clouds- Shillong 1/9 by JOYDEV DAS
View from Shillong Peak

Our next stop was Elephant Falls. The falls were named by the British because of the rocks near to that falls looks like an elephant, which was destroyed by the earth quake in 1897. We had our lunch there and then left the place as the time was short.

From my childhood days I was very fond of Indian Armed Forces, so how could I miss an Air Force Museum. Near to that Eastern Command Headquarter of the Indian Air Force, Air force museum is the aviation gallery of Indian Aviation history. Good collection of aircraft displayed there along with a souvenir shop. In the meantime typical drizzling starts, so we just moved to our hotel.

Photo of The Land of Clouds- Shillong 2/9 by JOYDEV DAS
Potato field on the way to " Shillong Peak"

Our stay at the Asian confluence was very relaxing, and we felt like we are at own home. Basically, it was not a typical hotel; to rather it was a guest house. Still, I remember its delicious dinner served that night. The food was just like home made and tasty.

Next day our plan was to visit the wettest place on the earth, yes it was Cherrapunji. We left our hotel at 9 O’clock in the morning. One thing I must share with you that in Cherrapunji, wherever you stop it will become a spot itself. All the places have its own beauty. But among all these I love the one where you can see the clouds moving just below your horizons with surrounding blue hills. It was really like heaven. We moved to our next destination “Seven Sister Falls” at Cherrapunji. As it was the month of June, all the falls were active that time. One side the seven sisters’ falls and the other side the flat land of Bangladesh will make your trip a memorable one. Nohkalikai falls also one of the most opted destination in Cherapunji, but we could not see the falls because of heavy fog at the spot. Don’t forget to visit “Orange Root” for your lunch break. The food served in the “Orange Root” was not only delicious but also unique of typical Khasi style preparation.

Photo of The Land of Clouds- Shillong 3/9 by JOYDEV DAS
Clouds below the horizon
Photo of The Land of Clouds- Shillong 4/9 by JOYDEV DAS
Seven Sister Falls
Photo of The Land of Clouds- Shillong 5/9 by JOYDEV DAS
Photo of The Land of Clouds- Shillong 6/9 by JOYDEV DAS
On the way to Cherrapunji

Our next destination was Ward’s lake and is a must visit place in the Shillong. The lake lies in the middle of the city and its lush garden around the water body makes your journey a memorable one. After the hectic journey, we returned to our hotel and had some rest.

Next day morning after the breakfast we left for the Cathedral of Mary. The Cathedral of Mary is one the most visited tourist destination in Shillong. Architectural beauty of the church is worth seeing, especially the big stained-glass window. The Church was built in 1936 and named after the mother of Jesus Christ. After the Lunch we left for Guwahati. On the way return, we visited the Umiam Lake and reached Guwahati with lots of memories of Khasi hills.

Photo of The Land of Clouds- Shillong 7/9 by JOYDEV DAS
Library of “the Asian Confluence”
Photo of The Land of Clouds- Shillong 8/9 by JOYDEV DAS
Cathedral of Mary
Photo of The Land of Clouds- Shillong 9/9 by JOYDEV DAS
the Cathedral of Mary

Main Tourist destination: Umiam Lake, Shillong view point, Elephant falls, Ward’s lake, Shillong Airforce Museum,

How to reach: Guwahati is well-connected with rest of India both via air and railways. Guwahati to Shillong is 119km by road via NH-6 and the road is perfect for the driving lovers. You can book your cab from Guwahati railway station or airport for Shillong.

Best time to visit: Average temperature varies from 15 to 24 deg, and weather is very pleasant throughout the year. But the monsoon is the best time to visit because water falls usually active during this season and monsoon clouds add the dramatic affects to nature. Monsoon season starts from June and it’s continue till September.

Places to visit near Shillong: Dwaki River, Double décor Root bridge in Dwaki, Mawlynnong-the cleanest village in Asia, Cherrapunji- The wettest place on planet Earth, Seven sister falls (Cherrapunji), Nohkalikia falls (Cherrapunji), Mawsmai cave (Cherrapunji).

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