The Perfect Casino Bets for Gamblers

23rd Oct 2017

The best gambling games to choose are those which have the least house edge or the ones where a gambler has an advantage.

Photo of The Perfect Casino Bets for Gamblers 1/1 by Olaf Schultze

The best games to choose

1. Blackjack card counting

Knowing how to count cards gives the gambler a 1% to 2 % edge above the casino. The skill of card counting is mastered after practicing and counters must disguise their skills to avoid getting barred from playing.

2. Video poker

This is a game of skill with a small house edge provided you make the right playing decision. There are video pokers that provide more than 100% payback to gamblers that use the right mathematical strategy. The pay table determines the house edge.

3. Casino poker

This is a skill game where gamblers compete amongst themselves. It does not have a house edge but the casino takes a small fee from every pot. Gamblers can browse this and read the rules of this game. Knowing the rules gives one more advantage over those who don’t.

4. Blackjack basic strategy

Playing this game lowers the house edge to below 1 %. The rules of playing and the number of decks determine the house edge. Gamblers can tell what the house edge is using that information too.

5. Craps do not come/do not pass

This in craps game is a bit better than the pass line bet. 1.14% is the house edge and gamblers can reduce it to 0.59% through laying double odds.

6. Craps passline and come

This in a game of craps provides a low house edge of 1.41%. Gamblers can reduce it to below 1% through taking double odds on their bets.


Those are the best bets and games to consider at any casino you choose to play at.

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