The Top Five Things You Should Know Before Buying a Flash Drive


Buying a flash drive is tricky. There are a lot of brands, sizes and memory capacity to mind which leads to confusion on what you should pick. As a guide to help you in this task, follow this guideline in selecting an excellent flash drive.

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1. Do not be deceived by low prices

There are flash drives with similar brands, storage capacity, yet has different prices. A person who wants to limit his/her expenses in buying this tool will normally prefer one with the lower price that contains similar storage capacity rather than the product with higher price. That is where you are wrong. Although the product may have similar characteristics, the internal components of these products have distinct quality. The component of the drive itself will determine the performance of the device. You will notice that there is a 3.0 and 2.0 version of USB. Each version has varying specs. A 3.0 is considered faster in transferring and programming files compared to 2.0.

2. Quality comes in size

Today, most people prefer those latest styles of USB drives with thinner and smaller sizes. It is more convenient to use due to its portable size. If there are small and thin USB, there are also ones with bigger sizes. However, because of its big size, it is troublesome to keep in a wallet or carry in the pocket. Though small and thin offers convenience, it does not have the quality and better performance of bigger USB drives. Having larger compartments entails that the internal components of the device like its flash memory is secure. Therefore, it can last longer compared to thinner versions of flash drives.

3. Choose larger memory for more file storage

The number of data you can store on your USB drive will depend on the storage memory of the device. If you intention of buying a flash drive is for business purposes you will require a larger memory to save your data. The smallest memory you can have is 2GB while the largest capacity of a USB flash drive is 512GB.

4. Check out the manufacturer

Another thing you need to consider before buying this device is the brand and manufacturer of the product. If you are planning to buy bulk flash drives, it is best to know first the reputation of the manufacturer and quality of the product they produce. You can read reviews to help you in selecting the right flash drive for your business or work.

5. Custom flash drives

Businesses usually use flash drives that promotes their company. These kind of devices are ordered custom made. In business, being unique is an excellent quality to boost your recognition. For this reason, they use custom flash drives to spread their identity to customers. Furthermore, you can ask for additional installation like security codes to guarantee the protection of your confidential files. CFgear knows your need for high-quality and affordable flash drive. Because of this, they are offering you flash drives cheap with excellent performance and durability. Get to know more of the products and services of CFgear today!

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