The Trawellblogger's Guide To Explore Singapore

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The city of glitter and charm, Singapore is an eye-candy for any prospective traveler. A country that never goes out of fashion. There is something for every kind of traveler to seek here - whether it is adventure, history, art, shopping or fun for children. Singapore is sure to keep its travelers engaged all the while. Here's a quick guide to explore the best while traveling to Singapore.

About Singapore

Singapore is a port country that evolved as a nerve center for the Asian trade and commerce in the erstwhile era of its existence.

Not only does it have a rich history of its own, there are several reasons why Indian travelers can visit here, as there is a lot of Indian historic connections with the country.

Singapore was the headquarters of the erstwhile Indian National Army led by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose who led the Azad Hind Fauj against the British Forces during the Burma Campaign. As you continue reading, you will know more about India's historical connections with Singapore.).

Reach Singapore

By Air

Singapore can be reached by direct flights from most of the International Airports from the East Coast of India. Having said that, it is best to try avoiding the flying distance over India on International Flights and cover it by alternate ways instead, as you end up paying more for the domestic air distance covered.

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By Cruises

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Over time, India has expanded its network with affordable and luxurious range of cruise liners which can take you on short trips of about 3N/4N/5N.

The cheapest trips to Singapore start from INR 25,800 with that covers the exotic ports of Penang, Port Kelang and Singapore.

Stay In Singapore

One of the best ways to explore Singapore is to orient oneself with the areas running along the Singapore River. The Singapore River gives spectacular views of the Singapore skyscrapers and most of the business and tourist activities run along the river.

Undoubtedly, the most exotic properties of Singapore come with the Singapore river views. The hotels are dotted along the Central and Southern regions of Singapore where most of the activities take place. The Merlion, Fullerton Hotels, and Marina Bay in Central Singapore and Sentosa Islands.

Experiencing Singapore always gets better when you share a space with the locals. Abdul Kadder's family home is nestled in the East Coast Park and comes with opulent rooms, a backyard that you will fell in love with and a hospitality you would love to go back to.

Sometimes, it is always good to take an offbeat path to stay with someone as simple and lively as Regina and her friend. It is not only her house, but the small garden, the simple house, a traditional kitchen, the stories from her friend and 'Cotton- the cat', that will make you stay with them.

What To See In Singapore

Singapore is an extravagant blend of ancient and modern culture. It seems that two different time frames are struggling to continue existing independently.

Singapore is well-known for its artificially created nature parks, zoos , museums and historic buildings. The journey to Singapore is never complete without a time-travel to the Fullerton Hotels and Marina Bay Sands that stand isolated on the Singaporean Skyline.

The best way to explore Marina Bay is to hike up to the top and get a panoramic view of the skyline from the Skypark. The evenings are best spent in the glitter of the amid 2,50,000 exotic floral and plant species.

Get deep into history with a journey to the Chinatown neighborhoods, where you get enjoy the local market places, immerse in learning about the formative years of the Singapore port through trade and immigration. Explore the rich geographical and cultural exchange at the Chinatown Heritage Center; an outcome of the sea-trade and commerce that resulted in the amalgamation of Italian, Irish and Chinese cultures.

The country has gone out-of-the-way to develop its eco-tourism activities through well-constructed parks, , convention centers, and artificial islands.

One important feature about Singapore is its Indian connections. Lest we forget, Singapore was the headquarters of the 'Indian National Army' or the 'Azad Hind Fauz', formed by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. If you are in Singapore, take a walk to find out your roots at the Esplanade Park, where the Indian National Army Monument still stands silently, to commemorate the forgotten hero.

Another structure that came up recently is the Indian Heritage Center, 5 Campbell Lane, Singapore. Showcasing and acknowledging the culture and heritage of the Singaporeans in India, this monument came up in May 2015, and is gradually becoming a popular attraction for Indian Travelers. the convention organizes cultural events, and programmes throughout the year. The four-storeyed building sports spacious art galleries and a museum that is a platform connecting the Indo-Singaporean cultures.

Where To Dine

Singapore by virtue of its major cultural exchanges has evolved with its own unique culinary style that is a blend of the West and East.

Speaking of the authentic Singaporean styled food, it remains incomplete without a touch of the local Perankan cuisine served on your platter. The best way to experience one is to engage with a Local Perankan food-trail with a host.

Escape to the Clarke Quay by the Singapore River, and you can immerse in the whole range of gastronomic experiences - from local cuisines, to wine to multi-cultural dining.

Not only does the Chinatown come with a long standing history, but also a bespoke culinary experience. The narrow lanes of Chinatown houses rows of local restaurants to try out.

Visa and Budget

Singapore Visa:-

Singapore offers both single entry as well as multiple entry visas for Indian travelers. A single-entry visa comes at a non-refundable cost of $30 (Exchange Rate - INR 50 - Approx - INR 2000/-). Multiple entry visas are usually valid for a period of 1 year from issue. Check out more information on Singapore Visa.

Budgeting Your Trip:-

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